Child killer on TV

NEW YORK (AP) – Convicted child killer Joel Steinberg has a job as a television producer waiting when he’s released from prison next summer after serving 17 years, his attorney said Monday.

Joel Steinberg in court (1989 photo)

Steinberg will work for “New York Confidential,” an interview show on a local cable station, attorney Darnay Hoffman said.
“He has contacts in prison,” Hoffman said, explaining that Steinberg, a disbarred lawyer, knows some of the state’s most notorious criminals. “He knows how to go into a prison and get a story.”
Steinberg, 62, is completing an 8-to-25-year prison term for manslaughter in the death of his illegally adopted daughter, Lisa, and is expected to be released next June.

In 1987, Steinberg fatally struck 6-year-old Lisa, the girl he had taken as a days-old infant from an unwed teenager. He was supposed to arrange an adoption, but instead took the baby home to his live-in companion, Hedda Nussbaum.
Steinberg left the unconscious child while he went out. Nussbaum stayed home with the first-grader but did nothing all night. An ambulance was called the next morning. The child died three days later.

09/22/03 17:39 EDT

Personally, I hope someone blows this motherfuckers head off. There are only a few things that really enrage me, but hurting a child is most definately one of them. I wonder if the scumbags that hired him will be able to go home and look at their children tonight and tell them how much they love them.