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Yahoo! News – Fugitive Who Faked Suicide Is Found Alive
I’m not as familiar with the law as I would like to be, but isn’t there something that says that he can’t be charged with the crimes after so long?

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  • I really appreciate the bloggers of your “style” as you call it. I prefer getting my information from someone who has a heart and a soul, instead of watching the robots on TV reporting the same thing over and over again.
    I do feel you are correct in stating they are using this case more as entertainment then trying to help this little girl come home. Of course, I do have my own theories about this case, but who doesn’t. We could speculate all day and still be wrong.
    I have also found myself drawn to Nancy Grace and the other robots, hoping that they will say just the right bit of information to make this nonsense sort of “click”. Something is missing, some little smidgen of info that is being left out. I think they know more then what they are reporting, which drives me insane! I am waiting for Horatio to come through the doors at any second now and solve this case in under 30 min, with no commercials.
    I just don’t understand how that monster can sit in that jail cell, acting as if nothing is wrong and whining because she can’t talk to her boyfriend. I’ve been there. Granted mine was only missing for a matter of minutes, I felt as if the world was spinning and falling down on top of me. Running through the streets shouting at the top of my lungs, not caring who or what thought I was insane. Had it been any longer then a moment, I would have had to have been institutionalized. So why is she being so calm?! I want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her until she confesses.
    Thank You for your blog. =)

  • is this the mother’s 15 minutes of fame? On the the little girl’s 3rd birthday which is this Saturday, August 9th she will come home, according to the mother’s prediction. Sounds as though she planned this whole tragic story, next a book, modeling, the Oprah show. Casey Anthony acts like a “celebrity wanna be.”

  • Richard,
    I just found your site and saw the photos of the park. Can you tell me if they have searched with dogs there? I have been following this like almost everyone else and would like to know about the park.
    Thank you,

  • I agree 101% with you,
    I pray every day for something to show them that yes,their daughter is a monster,spoiled little brat…….if the family hadnt supported her (i would have disowned her)and given her so much attention when the story broke,i guarantee you she would have spilled the beans by now,
    if nothing else to get the attention……the whole family is guilty in my eyes… dont support someone who murders another for no reason let alone their own child,that tramp is as cold as ice,smiling in court,i wonder who the male on the left was that she was obviously flirting with at her bond hearing.
    That shows you she’s used to getting what she wants,and another thing that ticks me off is she said” she got the tattoo meaning beautiful for caylee,yea right?i know if i got one for my daughter it sure as hell wouldn’t be in an intimate spot,id want my daughter and everybody else to see it,we all know who casey thinks is beautiful,i dont even like typing her name let alone use caps to type the c…….she aint worth it.
    Oh and wouldn’t you like to know if the card her invisible sitter filled out had a hyphen in the name,remember she said to lee on the phone when he asked if the # would be on her phone,
    “she stressed'” that the zanny she was talking about always used a hyphen in her name” why would she point that out?…i know!!
    I couldve felt mercy for the family until day one when they told the media,she was a habitual liar,we didnt know that till they told it on the air.and now the people who said it believes every daggone word the trashy thing says,
    I wouldnt give one sec. of my time to help any of them,and then when cindy said to throw out the things ppl donated if it was dirty or had cigarette smoke on it,they should never have said that,very ungrateful like theyre to good !!!and the ppl out of the kindness in their hearts did it for them!!!
    Well,id bet all i own that if money was donated and had been stored in a container with cigarettes they’d have used it for her bond!!!
    Im sick of hearing cindy complain,shes hungry,tired,broke,mad,so be it granny,you deserve everything you get!!!!!!!
    Yes Cayllee will be there for her party,she’ll be the one sitting on a big ole fluffy cloud staring down at them thinking “Why are you celebrating my life,when you are supporting the one who took it!”
    Harsh yes,true yes!!!
    I don’t care to put my name or anything on this!!
    im entitled to my opinion!!Im a grandma and cindy shames the good grannys!!
    which btw reminds me,do any of you recall the 1st call from casey to cindy?? think back and remeber when casey said” you dont know my part in this……..Mom Come on????
    Cindy got all soft and says,no “Sweetheart”
    and she cancelled her visits,she knows what happened and shes afraid casey will say it and now im starting to believe that cindy made that statement,about her being a habitual liar,so now if it comes up,she will say,caseys lying!!
    Shes botched her grandchilds death every day for that slut she raised,i mean who would say to the media the very 1st day,i need help to find my GB and BTW her MOM is a Liar,thats what caused doubt right??
    and cindy whines that nobody is looking for caylee,well hell,if our hearts werent broken we’d forget because all you hear is,my daughters done nothing,shes a gr888 mom,casey says,casey loves,caseys protecting us…………get a grip granny!!!!!!!!!
    Makes me sick! And i bet shes washed the clothes,carpets,walls,and they didnt want anybody to know casey stole the gas,till they got in a corner…….
    Signed by a real Grandma,
    Cathy Elkins

  • BTW i forgot to add,
    This is a granma who wanted her daughter in jail for stealing her car and money,
    but not for killing her granddaughter.IMO!!

  • Its sad to say or think but i wouldnt doubt for a second casey doesnt call granny saturday and says,guess what mom!!!
    lord i hope not,that would be horrible but she hates cindy,she does literally
    & i can see why!!

  • I COMPLETELY AGREE with every word from Cathy Elkins from Tenn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks,
    I’ve always thought so.
    you sound like me tho when i started posting in forums since the day this story broke,i used caps,tons of exclamations and everybody got mad actually,lol but im glad to find someone else who shows emotion by typing,and hey we get our point across dont we?
    I am just so heart broken and cindy should be in the cell with her!!

  • FoxNews reported last night that the neighbor who lent Casey the shovel watched her back her car into the garage – something she has never done before. — Wonder why? Was Caylee’s body in the car and she was removing it to bury it OR was she backing in to load Caylee’s body in the car to take it somewhere to bury?
    Also, last night the grandma (Cindy) said that a few nights before Caylee disappeared she (Cindy) and Casey were in the above ground pool in the yard. When they got out of the pool, she specifically remembers taking the pool ladder off the pool and putting it away so that Caylee couldn’t accidentally fall into the pool when they weren’t around.
    She said that she remembers seeing it on the pool again a few days later and the gate open in the yard! My theory is that Casey put the ladder back went inside – wasn’t watching Caylee and the baby fell into the pool and drowned. When Casey found her – she panicked – put her in the house while trying to figure out what to do. (Mom and Dad were on vacation at the time and not in the house).
    The reporter reported that cell phone records show Casey frantically trying to contact her mom, her mom’s cell phone, work phone, her dad’s cell phone, and work phone over and over and over again. However, no one ever answered her calls. Then the calls stopped and weren’t made anymore.
    The cadaver dogs had a few hits in the yard due to the fact that Casey laid the body on the ground when she pulled her out of the pool.
    My theory – she frantically tried to call her parents when she found Caylee in the pool. Didn’t get them and then over the next few days frantically tried to hatch out a scheme to do away with the body. I think the pictures at the club,etc., etc., are a set up to make people think that she is happy, carefree, not worried about Caylee at all. That is just a ruse to throw people off.
    Then she got the shovel, moved Casey to the car, drove around with her for a while, then got the gas cans – burned the body and threw the ashes to the wind. That’s why she isn’t worried. She knows they will never find Caylee’s body.
    The CSI people are collecting evidence inside the house because Casey probably brought Caylee’s body back inside the house while she was trying to decide what to do.
    I think the Grandparents are not guilty of anything, but raising a spoiled brat who has no conscience or feeling for anyone other than herself. It is obvious from the 911 tape that Cindy is extrememly upset, almost hysterical, when Casey told her that Caylee had been missing for 30 days.
    Very tragic and very sad. Sadly, Caylee won’t be at home on earth for her birthday, but she will be celebrating her 3rd birthday in the arms of Jesus surrounded by enormous joy and love. America and the world loves you sweet angel Caylee! God bless you and keep you in his loving arms.

  • Well,ive gotta be honest here,i dont think for 1 second she died (accidently),i mean my god,all she had to do was call 911.
    I heard cindy say tho that the night before she left her and casey were in the pool,and they moved the ladder away and when cindy got back home the ladder was back,if anything shes probably killed her,buried her in the backyard and as she thought more and more she thought they will look here first,so she digs her up washes her off in the pool,thinking it would never be known,puts her in the car and maybe has to wait a few days and by then the car odor is so bad she abandons it after she made away with the body,prolly where gators are!
    And too i think maybe casey was going to say it was a car jacking,because if you remember cindy said,i just found my daughter after a month,and i cant find my grand daughter,thats why i think she ditched the car with her purse in it,didnt lock it,she didnt expect cindy to find her?????but then she got into partying and her men & bump & grind sessions and lost track of what she was doing,all the while holding on to one phone and a sim card. something of that nature,if it were accidental believe me shedve never done all this….theres something far far worse than that,who knows too if she didnt bring a guy back to the house since they were gone,to the pool.
    and maybe even had set it up for someone to call from “GA” to say they saw caylee,but they didnt know she changed her story.

  • Oh and i do blame the family too,especially granny,to support that tramp for 1 sec.against a 2 yr old tells me all i need to know about them!!!!!!
    Lock em all up!!!!!
    Theyve spoke in codes,wont speak at all now b/c people listen,sorry but i wouldnt give a crap who heard me,and cindy plumb damn stupid.ohhh shes protecting us and Caylee,why she can’t talk!!
    Excuse me grannnnnnnnnnnny dumbass,
    What,the kidnapper didn’t hear,I WILL ONLY SPEAK TO THE FBI?????

  • What a joke theyve made out of that little angels life,id be so ashamed!!!
    instead of putting effort and funds to prosecute the killer theyve supported her,begging for money to help them,who the hell helped Caylee?????????? I wouldnt pee on any of them if they were on fire in a ditch with a bank bag under each arm!!

  • Shux,ive missed my calling,
    To think i couldve been an RN if i had only known the only qualification you needed was stupidity!!!!!!!

  • Im sure you were scared,but you are a normal caring loving mother,thats what makes me so angry! they need to wake up and smell the PIZZA!!!!!!!!
    that trash gives trash a bad name!

  • Sorry about the lack of updates today folks. It’s been a pretty busy day for a day off. I appreciate ya’ll keeping everyone apprised on what’s going on and hopefully will have some updates up tomorrow.
    I am just about finished with the technical stuff on my blog templates and will start working on the CSS and adding a big of color back to the site, just not the oranges and blacks…

  • Hey atleast its somewhere to vent my anger w/o being attacked constantly for what i beleive with all my heart,i knew she had washed the clothes,and why?? she gets her car which smells like a dead body,finds pants that smell the same,and says pizza caused the car to smell and did you notice as i did last night,in the 1st interview cindy said,that pizza was in the car for 10 days,hmmmmmm yesterday she said 19?? why in gods name dont they just arrest the whole smelly gang till they 1×1 rat one another out,heres an excop,an rn and they aint that dumb,just like the gas cans,they hid the info till media got hold of it then they act like it was just a simple case of memory lapse,and if casey and Caylee moved out im sure cindy knew media would be there after the story broke and you know as well as i do she cleaned that bedroom,
    and she kept repeating that it was just like it was when they left,yea right,a girl who wont move a ladder or put a glass in the sink is gonna clean her room……..haha.
    Which also at 1st cindy showed pix taken of Caylees room with her(cindy) sitting in the floor
    staring into a bears eyes saying this was her favorite toy,she didnt sleep w/o it,hmmmm then why wasnt it in caseys room where she tells and shows greta the other night,that Caylee slept with her mom every night!!!!!!i mean she couldnt sleep w/o it right??
    I can see where casey gets the lying from,cindy lies in every breath she takes too,always contradicts her ownself.
    even lee is dirty!!!Im glad i dont live in orlando,if i did theyd have me locked up cause id slap the shit out of her everytime she told a lie and said Caylees name in the same sentence,none of them deserved to even know that little angel,what they dont realize is caylees the lucky one!!!!!!!she will never suffer at their crooked hands again!!!
    God will protect her,unlike her family who were supposed to,
    my husband was murdered brutally in 2003 while he was disabled from a roof fall job him and i were doing together on 9-06-03,his right hip was broken,he had just had surgery for that,his right arm was broken twice,his wrist was broken and the man who beat our daughter on a daily basis & treated our grandson like a dog,(he was only 3)we tried everything to stop it,she’d leave,go back,leave go back,millions of times and she’d just went back to the monster the day before he ran up behind her dad on 10-12-03 and he passed away on 10-13-03 from massive head,liver and spleen trauma.
    my daughter and grandson were there when it happened. the monster snuck out the front door up behind my husband while he was talking to a friend that was visiting the monster.
    my husband was at the back door to pick up the grandbaby as he did millions of times before (but he wasnt disabled then) to take him to his bro’s farm to play.He was our daughters live in boyfriend of 2 yrs.she was 24,he was 40. But i can tell you if she had ever even thought of speaking to him later,believe me she’d never grace mine or her sons life again,ever!!!
    Ever,and i was terrified,she was our only child,and i knew she went back before b/c she was scared not to and if it did happen i already know what i would do,but THANK GOD it didnt go that way but heres the ending………the monster went to court alone,not 1 family member ever showed up,he sat on the left,our family filled the right side of the court room,and he pled guilty 2 days before the trial was supposed to begin but said in the papers and his attorney,IT WAS SELF DEFENSE?? and too the day it happened he fled to Ga. and they called authorities there and told him to come back and turn himself in and what he didnt know was my husband passed away when he got halfway back here and after??????? he got back,get this….the cops hadnt even taken my husbands cane from the scene or the 5 inch round and 4 ft long LIMB??That he made himself when my husband fell off the roof, it was planned?? HE AND HIS BUDDY TOOK THEM IN!!!!!!NOT ONE PAPER WOULD LISTEN TO OUR STORY,EVEN PRINTING THAT HE BEAT HIM WITH A LIMB??????hmmmm i got whooped with a limb growing up,but it didnt kill me he never would even let his parents know his address b/c he was running from child support for 12 yrs.
    but his daddys a millionaire,,they had his bond set at 100,000.00 and the day i buried my husband he got out for 500.oo cash!!!
    and his daddy hired the best lawyer in TN,but never came to court once but i will always believe money is the only justice!I married my husband at age 15,we were married 25 yrs until this happened,and this monster got 6 months in the county jail!!!!!!!!!! Hes out now,yes lives near us.
    and for cindy and family to condone what that tramp did,makes my blood boil!!!!!

  • I live in Orlando about 10 minutes from where the Anthony home is. My friend lives two streets over and told me how to get there. He had been complaining that it can be hard to sleep at night with the helicopters and media.
    So nosy me, I drove over there to check it out. It’s so weird to see it all in person. There were media vans everywhere. Greta was out front, Mark Furman (not sure how you spell his last name). It was quite surreal.
    The grandmother has fed into this media monster by talking so much. She is going thru something I wouldn’t be able to mentally or emotionally handle and she has the media in her driveway. I can’t say how I would act in that situation so I can’t judge. I do feel really bad for the family. Cindy and George are missing their grandkid and their daughter is in jail. No one can imagine the double whammy of helplessness they are feeling.
    It is sick and perverse that I’m on a blog looking at all of this, when if I really wanted to help I would be hanging up posters or volunteering in the tent. I feel awful for the little girl, the family, and the neighbors, but this story is just too intriguing to get away from.
    I will pray for this little girl to be found alive and for her family to have no involvement. But I will still be sleuthing online for more juicy info. I bet I’m not the only one feeling this way.

  • Well,i can imagine.and i don’t feel sorry for them for one second,at first sure,but after cindy got on the tv protecting that piece of trash that dumbfounded me,she has done all she can to help casey,if she really cared she would have never waited as long as she did to see them and she sure as heck wouldnt have supported the one who by the way,everyone in the entire world knew killed her,yea id say its very hard,but casey is 22,Caylee is 2,and they were supposed to protect her,id rather see her anyday turn her back on casey than to support her like she always has,even in the wrong.
    Did you guys see the interview where the reporter was interviewing cindy and she says,”i cant lose another one” The reporter says,another one,what do you mean,she said stunned”the media chasing Lee,hmmmmm i didnt know she lost him??
    Cindy wait and see knows as much as casey and i can understand the pain of loss,ive walked the valley of death so many times,ive lost my parents,my husband and alot more but ill tell ya this,youve never been to a funeral till you’ve sat on the front pew!!
    And i cannot imagine if my daughter did that to her child,im not saying that after she was convicted to never forgive,i couldnt but im sure some people can but she started lying,all of them did,before they even knew she was innocent,its like saying,so what casey,yes you killed your own child and our grand daughter but its ok,and actually didnt want her to pay for that……..thats her problem now!
    do you believe for a second she washed those clothes because they were in the car,heck no she washed them knowing they smelled like the car she said smelled like death,they lied constantly about everything.They failed to mention their granbaby was missing when the gas was stolen,then they failed to mention that he found the gas cans in caseys car,then they forgot to mention cindy was the one who filled the gas cans back up,then refuses to talk to casey if its recorded,then says on tv,i am not answering one more ? about those cans!i cant forget the call from jail when casey tells cindy,you dont know my part in this?? Mom,come on,NO”!cindy said,suddenly in a softer voice,sweetheart………..give me a break!!!
    she has always played them,and still is,thats why shes refusing to see lee,because shes seen they had their FBI meetings,shes in jail and mommy aint got the money,she knows the evidence is out there by them going back to cindys house,so now shes not getting attention so in a few days she spill the beans.

  • and too,id almost bet if they got the familys phone records they never recieved threats or tips either!!!!

  • All i know is when that family dies,they’ll make lye soap out of them because thats all they do!!

  • Well,today is the very first time ive ever seen emotion from George,he was ready to attack the media wasn’t he? It actually fooled me because ive always thought he was just following cindy’s lead!
    Everytime you saw him he looked angry at cindy,but im sure that it takes a toll on a person and i can understand that,but hell get mad at casey,not everyone who have tried to help but were laughed at basically.
    They just reported more lies from casey,no calls were sent or recieved when she said,i cannot believe they are actually accusing casey of lying!!! I am shocked.(gasp)
    She refused 3 visits from lee today,though he played it off lightly…….as usual.
    I’m wondering now what tomorrow holds!!
    My hearts broken right now but i keep thinking as often as i can that Caylees going to have the best birthday ever!!!
    I didn’t know you but ive seen what a beautiful little girl you were and saw you reading to your family and i can’t explain whats been happening but i’m so sorry for everything bad in your life and that it took the bad times for everyone to know you & see just how special you really were!
    I wish so bad that one day you could read everyones blogs and messages to you so you’d know how much you were loved & missed!
    by people who never even met you,you touched everyone’s hearts,everywhere around the world!!
    “Happy 3rd Sweetie”

  • I agree to that death would be to kind to casey,the way she is built believe me she’ll suffer so much more spending the rest of her life bumping and grinding with the other women behind bars who have done what she did,but hopefully before she goes into that cell she’ll get to spend a while in the prison with women who would love nothing more than to be with their kids and who hate women like casey.
    Her “beautiful life” will be spent with maybe 3 hots and a cot and hopefully some big ole hefty manly women,and they oughta paint Caylees picture on the ceiling as a reminder every day as soon as she wakes up that,she traded that little precious life for the one she now has
    and hopefully if she ever gets too comfy somebody will bump and grind her ass on the concrete floor every single day,why take her life,she couldve just walked away,but being the selfish B%$#$ that she is she didnt want granny to have the name of raising her her daughter and i do think thats what it was,which i cant blame her in some ways i mean look how screwed up casey is but you know what im saying,its all about casey,heck i’d thank god she was in jail and away from me after what shes done,hell it’d be like a vacation without her whiny ass.assuming ofcourse they dont go down with her!! for lying!! I am so upset,because she washed those pants knowing after picking up the car abandoned? & smelling a dead body? and not having seen Caylee in forever….who does that??
    I’ll tell ya,somebody who has something to hide!!

  • I wonder who drove the car from the impound to the Anthony residence…Was it towed because it had broken down as Casey claims it had…or was it out of gas?? If it was in fact driven home from the impound lot who did the driving?? It must have smelled horrible to the person driving…when they got the vehicle home did they then discover the pants and the bag of trash. Did they remove these items before or after the police arrived at the residence that first time? Does anyone know??

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    The Georgian Interior Ministry said Russian forces were in control of part of the South Ossetian capital, Tskhinvali, while Georgia claims it has shot down five Russian warplanes…The UN Security Council is due to discuss the crisis later

  • Tiff,
    don’t quote me ok because i sure as heck dont wanna be labled a liar in that childs misfortune
    but George said he went to get the car after the detective took it to the tow yard and it was said that yes it was out of gas,so why george didnt see the gas cans in it then ill never know but i was in a forum with a woman who said she was very close to the family which i dont believe but she said the tow yard gave him some gas for it,which i cant believe knowing it was out of gas why he didnt take it with him,and i know of no tow yard who will give gas away at 4 bucks a gallon,when they charge you for storage anyway,my guess is it wasnt out of gas at all,but ok when george got home he told cindy i beleive that he threw some trash out of the car and later told police where he put it and they went and looked through it and found pizza?? Stupid excuse!! The detective said it was the worst smell he’d ever smelled stating it was decomposition,so why the hell or how the hell did george drive it that way,and then that night they find casey right? and they never even asked her about the smell or the car?? hmmmm,and hadnt seen caylee at all.ok now knowing all this,she gets the stuff out and washes it,puts the gas cans back in the garage failing to tell anyone she recovered the cans that were stolen that night!!all of them know what happened,reguardless of what they tell us,they blame media when they asked media to help,by golly the entire world reached out to help find Caylee,and the one person who wont is the one who knows everything that happened,cindy is ungrateful,she should be thanking God,that all these people helped,and it was cindy who spun out of control forgetting Caylee,we didnt at all,she did because all of a sudden the big liar casey is TRUTHFUL’ when everybody told us she was a liar.thats why i have not 1 fragment whatsoever of pity,they deserve everything they get and more,and cindy telling us,casey told us she will be home saturday,and they wanted us to believe that!!!!!!well the only way that will happen is if casey gives Caylee the birthday gift that she deserves by telling where she put her body so everyone who really does care can grieve and she can have the proper burial any child deserves.That first call if you remember from jail to Lee? casey says” all they want is Caylee back”,any descent brother and uncle wouldve hung that phone up and changed the # and never said the name casey,ever again!!!!
    and Lee acts like hes helping,!!!!! makes me so mad!!but what it really shows is theyre all alike,no emotion for anybody but THEM!!!

  • Oh Tiff,i forgot but it stayed in the garage till the day the police came to get it and when cindy or george or lee failed to say,theyd gotten the stuff out of it,see?? covering her up again!!they showed that video 50,000 times a day of them searching for dna and all in the car,still though,not 1 mention but id say after the FBI got on it theyve laid the law down!! so now they have to tell the truth or go visit casey permantely

  • Charge the Grandmother with impedeing an investigation, accomplice to a crime, etc. SHE KNOWS. Throw her A#%^ in jail and find out the truth.

  • Amen Sherry,
    Just when you think it can’t get any stranger……..It does.
    I cannot beleive what cindy is saying today,omg
    She is still saying that Caylee may show up today,and yes theyre having a party….but she is so ate up with guilt that she wants everyone to think that too but doesn’t realize for one reason or another that the whole world is blaming her as much as casey now.
    She can’t be that dumb?? I mean sitting there actually thinking she will be home,and when casey gets out of jail she says,they’ll probably put her in a safe house not because they dont want her in their home….BUT FOR CASEYS SAFETY!!
    OMG,that woman needs a new white jacket with the arms in the back!!
    You know as well as i do that she knows Caylee’s not going to be home!
    Heres the link,i hope the site owner doesnt’ mind me pasting it here,if so he has my permission to remove it!
    oh well,i guess she’ll have an insanity plea when casey spills the beans!!
    Shes playing it with everything in her,reminds me of someone i’ve never met!!

  • Um excuse me?? The only qualification you need to be an RN is stupidity?? Listen here. RN’s are the ones that tend to you when your ass is in a hospital, we pass the medications, we take care of the elderly people left FORGOTTEN by their families. and there is a HELL of a lot of hard work involved.
    I’m in my second year of nursing school right now, and trust me my bank account is pretty sure theres a shit load of qualifications involved in this job. I’ve already spend 32 grand on my two years so far, i give up time with my children for this profession because we help people, without nurses who the hell do you think would be checking you or your children out at the hospital, rushing to give aid, rushing to get a crash cart to save someones life.
    Learn about the profession before you open your mouth and talk bad about it because sweety 60 percent of what you are learning and trained to do in nursing school, you also learn in med school to become a doctor, yea.. we have to learn every bone, every vein, every artery, every muscle in a body, EVERY MEDICATION, THEIR SIDE EFFECTS, THEIR GENERIC COUNTERPARTS, THEIR CHEMICAL MAKEUP THEIR ELEMENTAL MAKEUP, we must learn the various illnesses and the diagnostics of them, what medications cross the blood brain barrier, yea.. shall i continue?? It’s a lot of hard work and the only thing that separates a RN from a PA is one more year of college.. (PA is a physicians assistant, 90 percent of practices use PA’s instead of actual doctors because they can diagnose, treat and prescribe medications).

  • Honestly Cathy:
    Stick to one post and don’t post 3-5 different times. It’s kind of annoying, nay, really annoying.
    I get it. You don’t like Casey. I doubt many of us do. You seem to be saying the exact same things over and over again and I’m a little impressed that I managed to get more than 3/4 the way down the page before I just decided to stop listening to what is sounding more like complaining than discussion about this poor little girl’s case.
    10:13 pm here where I live, so technically it is still 8/9/08 for me.
    Caylee, wherever you are, your story has absolutely captivated me. I feel like I am mourning for you and at the same time there is a small flicker of a flame in me that wants to believe that you are still with us.
    If God is listening, then he knows you are constantly in my thoughts, and that I am trying to pray for you in my own way by keeping you on my mind.
    If you are not with us anymore, sweetheart, I hope you spent your birthday with Jesus and that you were able to feel an amount of love that you would have never had on this earth.
    Happy Birthday, darling. You are in America’s thoughts and prayers.

  • Bekki,i posted a reply earlier to you and its not here,but i was in no way or would i ever say something like that,i have 2 family members who are RN’s too,i was only being sarcastic because cindy is one and her daughter was pregnant for 7 mo.’s before she knew it,and then she washed the clothes with evidence on them,and i was only saying that she should be as intelligent as any other nurse,thats all,i was upset when i typed it and if i hurt your feelings,God im sorry,i use to sit with the elderly and that was 1 patient at a time and i didnt have to run to a dozen more in 5 minutes because they ring their bedside bell,and i know its work and you give all you have and get so little back not to mention underpaid!!i have the greatest respect for Nurses,Teachers,vets and adoptive parents and i appreciate nurses,shoot we cant heal ourselves,i know your jobs demanding!!!!!
    I just wanted to say,im sorry because i won’t be back to post here because i actually thought it was a discussion forum and was so tired of posting in topix forums b/c everybody attacks you if your opinion is different and i do like this site but i dont push myself on anybody,I admit im very emotional about this but nobody knows how it really feels until they go through it,and caylees bday today is alot!
    I hope you take my apology,i never meant that!!

  • Chiiaki,
    I just wanted to say that im sorry my posts got on your nerves but i tell ya,i dont know why you felt you had to say that about me,it takes alot more effort to be cruel than it does just to say nothing!!
    I mean youve only posted 1ce so i dont know how you got fed up,i was here for 1 reason,Caylee!
    but you went out of your way to make sure that i knew it annoyed you when all you had to do was ignore them’
    Ive never had one mean bone in my body but you went way out of your way to be cruel for your own selfish gain,and i want to thank you for saying it bothers you that people care!
    Be Safe!

  • Oh btw bekki,i didn’t mean you were the reason i left the site,clearly it was chiiaki,had to say that after i reread it i thought,omg!!

  • Just Brain Dead…

    I’m trying really hard to concentrate on pre-writing some posts for this and other sites and miserably failing… I mentioned this morning when I updated the Caylee Anthony story that I was on my way to work early. REAL early….

  • Formal Charges Filed Against Casey Anthony

    Update – August 10th 9:23PM Casey Anthony has canceled another family visit. More info here. State Prosecutors have filed formal charges against Casey Anthony in the disappearance of her two-year-old daughter. More updates to follow at Shadowscope…

  • New Site Theme is Mostly Finished

    It’s been another pretty long weekend. I was hoping for a lazy day at work since all of my managers were working but no such luck. I ended up at least working in the one closest to my house so…

  • Clearly she buried this poor little baby in the yard and thought better of it. She then dug her up, threw her in the trunk and moved her to where she wouldn’t be found. That’s why the dogs hit both places. She probably did it originally by mistak, like shook her and got scared. Man, what a whacko this chick is! Probably in a dumpster long gone. So sad!

  • Iam a grandmother at 39 years of age, My daughter became a parent at 19 and chose her friends and partying over her own child, and left her son too live with his great grandmother. Due to her decision I went too court against my daughter and helped the great grandmother get guardianship over my grandson whom i have a great relationship with. What im trying too say here is, My daughter was in the wrong and i was NOT gonna stand by her!!! Cindy Anthony knows that Casey is wrong for what she has done and is just as guilty as Casey by helping her with excuses. Ever hear looks can be decieving? All these pictures that they show with Casey and Caylee together smiling makes me want too puke!!!! I think the reason why she has cancelled her visits is because she has told so many lies already she doesn’t even know what the thruth really is anymore and is afraid that her lies are gonna catch up with her because they are taped. I don’t think Casey should be allowed any visitors in the first place, She should be locked up in a dark holding cell, no windows, absolutley no contact with the outside world. It is obvious she is getting tv, since she told her mother on the phone that she saw a certain persons car at the house , that it was just on tv. Everyday that she keeps her mouth shut over Caylee’s whereabouts is another day she should go without food! What about Cindy’s car. Casey stole her car and money and then all of a sudden Caylee comes up missing? How strange is that factor? Come on GRAMMIE fess up, You know alot more than what your letting out. Just a reminder….. YOUR PROTECTING THE WRONG PERSON!!!!!!!! Caylee needs your help NOT your headcase daughter!!!!

  • I sobbed my heart out watching Caylee’s video. That child is so beautiful, so precious. All I could think of was my own two-year old daughter. She was just as beautiful and full of life as Caylee, but she is no longer with us, as I believe Caylee isn’t either. But there is a big difference here and that difference is, my family and I would have given ANYTHING, absolutely ANYTHING for our precious baby girl to live!!!! She died of leukemia, but anyone of our family members would have traded places with her in a split second. Anyone of them would have gladly given their life, if it meant that she would have lived. It torn up our whole extended family. The mental and emotional anquish of her death was indescribable. So I ask you, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?? This is not normal!!! I would be screaming, shouting, clawing my way out of that jail cell to find my baby girl! And if the mother is that sick and guilty that she did something to her, I simply can’t believe what’s wrong with the rest of the family. How can they all be that sick?????

  • Diane,
    I am so sorry for your loss. There are no words that can be said to heal your pain. Please accept my deepest sympathy.
    I, too, sobbed while watching Caylee’s video. What a beautiful child with such innocence and delight with life. I hope she is alive somewhere and that someone does have her, but I know the chances are slim. I have a 3-year old granddaughter that I would move heaven and earth for and cannot stand it if I don’t see her several times a week, at least.
    I just can’t fathom this family. They seem so uncaring and cold – almost robot-like. If my granddaugter were missing, I would be out every moment searching for her and pleading for her return. The family just doesn’t seem to be emotionally involved in this at all. They seem to be so removed and almost uninvolved.
    And what is with driving that stupid truck around aimlessly? Can you even believe it? Hey George, the world knows what Caylee looks like – how about you and CIndy getting off your butts and going out searching for her! DUH@!

  • Here’s a quote from Cindy that came today on the Orlando Fox affiliate Fox 35 TV station.
    When asked whether or not the Anthony’s would be actively participating in what has become a regular Sunday ritual, a prayer vigil held each week since the toddler’s disappearance was first reported to authorities, Cindy responded, “it takes a lot out of us, having those. We had our church service this morning and that will get us through the day.”
    Doesn’t it just make you feel so sad for Cindy and George? They are so emotionally broken up and overcome that they can no longer have their regular Sunday prayer vigil for Caylee! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess this shows how involved they are — it may take away from their on-air TV time speaking with all the reporters outside their house and cut into their “drive time” with the big flatbed poster truck! Those people are unbelievable.
    I would be praying every minute of the day and attending any prayer vigils anyone had if it were my grandbaby. Those people are guilty of knowing what happened to Caylee and concealing it from the police. I hope they all end up in prison@!

  • Susan, I think you are right on the money on this one. I honestly think that Caylee’s death may have even been an accidental drowning or something along those lines but rather than call the police and admit she may not have been watching Caylee as closely as she should have been Casey then decided to take things into her own hands and start with her lies and deception. The accidental death would certainly explain the “flurry” of calls she made and then suddenly stopped.
    Sandi, I really feel sorry for the Anthonys as well. They are caught up in this idea (or they were) that the media was going to be able to help them out and get the word out and they really went about it in the wrong way. I understand unconditional love and protecting your children but if they act like a dumbass you need to be able to do what you have to. My son is also 19 and in the Marine Corps. I was 22 when he was born and I hope that he will wait quite a bit longer than that before he has children.
    Diane, I am sorry for your loss and appreciate you telling us about it. Children are very precious and should be treated as such. Obviously Casey just doesn’t get it. Personally I think that if people had to go through classes and pay for their children as they do when they adopt their would be fewer uncaring parents.

  • Here’s the latest from FOXNews Greta Van Susteren’s show tonight. Lee’s visit with his sister at 9a.m. tomorrow is canceled. He will not be meeting with her.
    Mark Furman reported that there are no phone calls that were placed to Casey that the police have not investigated. There is NO phone call to Casey from the babysitter where Casey talked to Caylee. NO CALL EXISTS!!! Casey is lying again. As for Cindy saying that a call does exist, it doesn’t. There is no record of it anywhere. It could only have been to the cell phone. Casey’s phone service had been terminated with the phone company because she owed them more than $700, which she had not paid so they terminated her service. THERE IS NO PHONE CALL FROM CAYLEE!
    Why, why, why do the parents keep on lying? I just don’t understand it.
    I, too, believe that Caylee died accidentally in the pool. I think that Casey panicked when she found her – thus the frantic phone calls to her Mom and Dad. Then silence – as she decided what to do. I believe she hid the body in the backyard, thus the hits by the cadaver dog. Then she decided to take her somewhere and bury her. Thus the shovel from the neighbor, backing the car in the driveway, etc.
    Another interesting thing reported by Mark FUrman was that a neighbor said there had been a horrible fight at the Anthonys on June 15 whereby he could hear Casey screaming and cussing at her mother way over at his house. He said she was yelling so loud and was being very disrespectful to her mother. Very interesting. Of course, Cindy denies that there was an argument. Go figure.

  • I can’t get over how much this case reminds me of the Scott Peterson case.
    1} Scott didn’t report Lacy missing right off….
    Caylee missing 31 days before reported missing.
    2} Scott pretended to search for Lacy when all along he was with his girlfriend and playing golf….
    Casey claims she went looking for Caylee on her own and all the while was spending time at Hardbodies and partying.
    3} Scott never once showed any emotions the whole time Lacy was missing…..
    4} While sitting in court Scott would always have a smart ass smirk on his face or smile at the camera…..
    How many times have we seen this from Casey???
    5} And, as for Scott’s parents.. Standing by him even though they knew he was guilty…
    Need I say more?????
    I could go on but I think I made my point. Scott never came forward and admitted that he killed his own wife and child, And I don’t think Casey will admitt to what she has done too Caylee either. My heart is ripped apart for this little girl and if they never find Caylee’s body I hope that Casey is put in a tiny cell with a VCR and tv that only plays Caylee’s smiling face over and over again and can’t turn it off until it drives her out of her mind!!! Just like Scott Peterson.. Spending the rest of his life on Death Row with a tiny window looking out where Lacy and Connor’s body washed ashore!!!

  • It is obvious the investigators and everyone conducting official investigations of this case with the ability to know “what’s going on inside the investigation” obvioulsy do not believe this is a kidnapping. This is pretty obvious because:
    1. No Amber alert has ever been issued
    2. No official search parties are underway
    3. No ransom notes
    4. No efforts to “bargain” to get Caylee back by the family
    5. No emotions on the part of any family member
    6. Driving around with that big stupid billboard as if someone will run up with Caylee in tow
    7. No emotional pleas from any family member to bring her back
    It seems pretty apparent to me and most others, who have been glued to this case since it broke, that Casee is lying, that Caylee is dead (either accidentally or intentionally), and that Cindy and George know all about it to protect Casey.
    It is pretty pathetic and I think they are making it all about themselves in the hopes of signing a book deal, movie deal, tv deal, whatever – to gain fortune when its all over. They all make me ill. Of course, the real tragedy in all of this is that poor baby, Caylee. Let’s not loose focus on who it’s all about – Caylee and only Caylee. I know I won’t buy into their lies and deceit – I will never buy a book of theirs or see a movie. They make me ill.

  • As parents we’d all like to think we’d stand behind our children when they’ve made a serious mistake. However, what these parents are doing is insane. Responsible parents would tell her “we love you, but you need to tell the truth now”. Then the parents need to tell the public “We love our daughter, she’s made a serious mistake (whatever it turns out to be, ie accident or murder), but we will stand behind her. As it is, by continuing to stonewall the police they are only enabling her to not take responsibility for her actions and bring peace to the poor little baby who is most likely dead. As a grandmother myself their actions disgust me. I can’t imagine my daughter hurting her daughter, be it accidentally or otherwise, and covering it up. By the same token, I can’t imagine myself helping her to do so. The callousness and sheer heartlessness of these people who profess to love their grandchild so much is beyond imagination. Should it be proven in the future that they are indeed part of a cover up in the death of that precious child, I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It goes without saying that their spoiled brat of a daughter should be locked up forever.

  • Brendolyn,
    I agree completely with your posting. IT is quite sad and very very disheartening. I wish the grandparents would just do as you suggest. I, too, feel that they are hampering the investigation and hope that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    They are just being blind to everything that is reported regarding their daughter and her lies. Their behavior is beyond belief or excuse.

  • I would also like to think I would stand behind my children but there is a line where you have to say “hey, I love you very much but this is your mess to clean up”.
    Either they just don’t care or are clueless. Leading up to everything, how in the world could someone rack up $45k on your credit cards without doing something about it? That in itself should have been a clue that something was amiss unless letting their children max out the credit cards is a normal part of their everyday life.

  • Eyewitness News Reveals Remote Area Casey Anthony Made Call From
    POSTED: 5:11 pm EDT August 14, 2008
    UPDATED: 5:23 pm EDT August 14, 2008
    ORLANDO, Fla. — Woods and water are the perfect place to hide a body and the one place no one reported Casey Anthony ever visited until now. Channel 9 uncovered what could be a major break in the Caylee Anthony case.
    June 17 is the day after little Caylee was last seen alive and it’s the same date that Eyewitness News tracked Casey Anthony’s location to an area near the Orlando International Airport. From a satellite map the dense woods and ponds around the airport. The more information investigators get, the more locations come into the picture.
    Channel 9 has learned that the day after Caylee disappeared, Casey was in a somewhat remote area just a few miles from the Anthonys’ home. Channel 9 has learned doc uments show that, for some reason, Casey Anthony came to the area less than ten minutes and less than five miles from her parents’ Lee Vista home. There are acres of woods and scrub and there’s lots of water. By day, there’s very little traffic that comes through the area and not much lighting at night.
    Channel 9 has obtained maps showing how many AT&T cell phone towers there are in two key areas investigators are focused on. There are 15 cell towers within a ten mile radius of Caylee Anthony’s grandparents’ house, where Caylee’s grandfather said he last saw her alive on the afternoon of June 16.
    There are 37 AT&T cell phone towers within ten miles of the apartment where Casey said she last saw Caylee alive on June 9, sometime between 9:00am and 1:00pm when she dropped Caylee off with the babysitter on her way to work.
    It’s known that Casey had no job and that Caylee did not disappear on June 9. Caylee’s grandmother had stuck with Casey’s version about June 9 until detectives confronted Cindy Anthony with video she herself had taken of Caylee during a visit with her great-grandfather in Mt. Dora on Father’s Day, June 15.
    “I couldn’t remember going on father’s day because I go almost every week but I don’t take Caylee that often,” Cindy Anthony said during Casey’s bond hearing.
    “Are you lying to investigators? Purposely misleading them?” WFTV reporter Kathi Belich asked Cindy on Thursday.
    Cindy didn’t reply verbally, but shook her head.
    Here’s the link to the news story:

  • It’s my personal opinion that part of what’s wrong with our society today is that kids are not expected to own up and take responsibility for their actions. This of course is because their parents haven’t taught this at home. I’ve seen it happen over and over again. My kids always knew if they broke a rule there would be consequences to pay, be it at home or at school. If they did something at school they would suffer the school’s consequence as well as more punishment at home. Today’s parents are more than likely going to run to school and demand that the school apologize to poor little Johnny because they hurt his feelings when they made him stay after school for cussing out his teacher. It’s obvious to me that Casey’s parents will spare nothing to make excuses for her behavior. She tells outrageous lies to explain her behavior and they stand behind her. In her case I think something happened to little Caylee at her mother’s hands, either accidentally or deliberately, she finally came clean to her parents about it, and now they are doing their best to help keep her from being punished for her actions and lies. This has turned into a three-ring circus all because of one irresponsible, spoiled brat and her “not-our-daughter” parents. Absolutely pathetic.

  • I aggree with you. My wife is a high school teacher and she sees that kind of behavior all of the time, particularly from the parents. If the kid makes a 0 because they didn’t do their homework, apparently now it’s the teachers fault because they didn’t give them makeup work.
    That’s OK because the fucking government is helping to produce shitheels like that. My wife along with the rest of the science staff was told that this year they aren’t allowed to give zero’s even if the work was never turned in.

  • I’m not at all surprised. Several years ago a parent sued our school district because when her son was caught forging her signature on an absence note and was given a 2 day detention for it, she claimed that it caused him humiliation and damaged his self esteem, forcing her to seek therapy for him. She sued the district, AND WON, for his therapy costs and other punitive damages!! Unfrickinbelievable!! Never mind that the little punk had forged her signature, broken a school rule and then lied about it. Yet we wonder why society is going to hell in a handbasket…
    This Casey seems like a real piece of work, too. Notice that she didn’t graduate from high school. Makes one wonder why that was. I’m sure her parents would say it wasn’t her fault, whatever the reason.

  • Latest news – bondsman from California is bailing Casey out on Monday. Family has appointed new spokesman. Google Orlando Florida TV Stations for websites and read the latest discouraging and disgusting news. THat family makes me sick. WITH CASEY OUT THEY WILL NEVER GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS OR FIND CAYLEE.
    I hope the police have enough evidence to charge her with murder before she gets released on the neglect charges. They should push her bail to over a million if they can charge her with homicide. Where are those DNA results?

  • I would like to know a few things?
    1.) Has Casey ever seen a psychologist or psychiatrist?
    2.) Has Casey had psychological problems in the past and was/is she taking any anti-depressants or medications.
    3.) It seems Casey has always been a problem child because the same day her mother Cindy called the police to report Caylee missing she also reported Casey had stolen her car & money 30days proir to the report and wanted someone to arrest Casey. Cindy reported in her 911 call she just found her daughter that had been missing for 30days and wanted her arrested. When did Cindy report her car stolen and If Casey had been missing for 30days why did she wait until the day she found her to calling the police to have her arrested? My concern is why was Cindy Anthony’s LAST call to 911about her granddaughter missing instead of the FIRST call. It seems Cindy Anthony was more worried about her car & money not her own grandduaghter. If I were Cindy my first question when I seen my duaghter would have been where is Caylee. Nothing adds up here. Sorry I just had to vent.

  • Thanks for the updates Jane. I’ve been following it on several of those stations and will go check it out and update my post.
    With Casey out she might actually slip up and they may be able to find Caylee or her body, which is what I think. Then again she may just disappear.
    They unfortunately don’t have enough evidence to charge her yet, at least with what’s been released to the public. There is always the possibility that with the cell tower triangulation they may find Casey’s body over the weekend.

  • Yes, Casey was court ordered to have a psychological examination shortly after she was arrested. The did perform the exam but I don’t know what the results were.
    I don’t know the answers to the rest though. I think if she had psychological problems in the past it most likely would have already been reported though.

  • It’s unfathomable to me that that little sh*t might actually walk away from this without a care in the world with the whereabouts of that beautiful child never known. How can that be? Never mind that Casey obviously has no conscience, what about the grandparents? How can they profess to love that innocent child yet let this happen? If that were me I’d be slapping Casey upside her head demanding she tell me where Caylee was. I just do not understand the legal system in this case and why they can’t continue to hold Casey until Caylee is found. That little child deserves better than this. I’m fairly certain that little Caylee is dead, and whether or not it was an accident I’m also certain her mother is at the bottom of it all. Not owning up to the truth is the ultimate betrayal of her daughter’s trust. How can she even call herself a mother when she won’t even bring that baby back home and give her a proper burial? This whole thing makes me physically ill, just thinking about where that poor little baby might be right now and how sick her mother has to be to let her stay there.

  • Caylee Anthony Updates II

    Breaking Story – August 14th 2008 6:15PM
    Eyewitness News Reveals Remote Area Casey Anthony Made Call From
    POSTED: 5:11 pm EDT August 14, 2008
    UPDATED: 5:23 pm EDT August 14, 2008
    ORLANDO, Fla. — Woods and water are the perfect place to hide a body an…

  • Casey Anthony Makes Bond…

    Not yet but it’s apparently happening as soon as early next week. A bail bondsman from California that has ties to a company license to operate in Florida will be bailing Anthony out of jail on Monday or Tuesday if…

  • I also think that Caylee is dead and think it’s a mistake to let her out but that’s the way the system works. You just can’t keep someone in jail that hasn’t been found guilty.
    Hopefully Casey will screw up and lead authorities to the body of the little girl. Then again we could all be wrong and she might be alive, although that is a bit far-fetched.

  • Awesome website…I have been following this case closely and it is difficult finding the latest on the story. Much Thanks!

  • do not respond to the fake help find caylee web site on my space its false. it says help find caylee. but i wont respond or agree to you or read what you have to say if i dont know you. now why the hell make a website like that if you wont acceped anyones help who knows where she is. somethings fishy here. i saw her in a heavey leafed area with her left hand on the leaves. these leaves are weird they have stems that curl go up and droops down ward. thats all the flash pictures i seen.

  • I think letting Casey out of jail is a huge mistake and won’t lead to finding Caylee. She isn’t talking now and she certainly won’t talk once she’s out of jail. Those bozos – Padilla and Garrison are nothing but a bunch of clowns who hope to ride the media bandwagon for a big pay out on a book or movie deal. They are totally disgusting.
    Here is something I am currently worried aboutl I know the police are poo-pooing the search that is going on by the airport related to the cell phone pings, but I know for a fact that many people are over there searching, including the psychic ladies with their cadaver dogs. My question is, with the report for the hurricane hitting the Orlando area on Tuesday of next week – if they find no remains of Caylee before then, won’t the rain hamper the search because the scent will get diluted?
    I thought that was what a forensics expert said the other night on Greta’s show regarding cadaver dogs and the scent they are after.
    I certainly hope they find that baby before then, but the hurricane situation really bothers me because I am afraid evidence will be destroyed or diluted.

  • The MySpace page is there for mainly informational purposes from what I understand and not for people on MySpace to interact with.
    The Anthonys seem to be willing to accept help from just about any source that comes off with a tip. When you say they won’t accept help what do you mean?
    You saw her where? In a dream?

  • I also don’t think that letting her out is going to do anybody any good but having Padilla on the case may actually help law enforcement. While the whole thing may just be a PR stunt he does have quite a bit of experience and may be able to break something open that the police cannot. I did a bit of reading last night and while not a licensed law enforcement officer he is obviously not an amateur.
    I am also worried about the weather rolling in. It seems as if it’s going to make it harder on them. I’m not in the Orlando area but I used to spend three months a year in central Florida and during the summer you more often than not experience afternoon thunderstorms almost daily so if any evidence was going to be destroyed by the weather it seems like it would have already done so.

  • I mentioned at the top during my last update that I had emailed Padilla to request an email interview and he has graciously said yes, so if you have any questions you would like to see asked either leave them here or email me at rm_blogger AT Yahoo DOT com.

  • According to what Leonard Padilla stated in an interview they have printed over at Local6.Com:

    “We eat in the same room, sleep in the same room. After a while, these people feel better than sitting in a cell looking at the walls, and they will discuss things that they won’t discuss with parents or anybody else,” Leonard Padilla said.
    Leonard Padilla said he and Casey could stay at her parents’ house, but he said he hasn’t talked to George or Cindy Anthony. Leonard Padilla also said a home at an undisclosed location in Orlando could be an option.

  • As of this morning, Saturday, Casey Anthony has canceled a video visitation with her brother Lee. No explanations were forthcoming to the media but obviously this isn’t the first time.

  • Since the Padillas hadn’t met with Cindy, George, or Casey how can they even be sure that this is what they want. I am so sure that Casey is going to be happy to go live with several complete strangers who will listen to every word she says and monitor everything she does. Does the family even have no say in this matter? I wonder George and Cindy are going to like having the Padillas at their house. I am sure they aren’t going to let their little “darling” Casey stay at a different location with that Padilla guy. What a joke.
    Also, Padilla said on FoxNews today that his relationship with Casey will be different and that he isn’t an agent of the law. He said that his interaction will not be from an investigative authority perspective. He followed it up by saying, this means that we won’t have to be reading her her Miranda rights every time we talk to her. In other words this says to me, he can keep confidential everything that she says to him. What good will he be if he can’t say anything or relate anything to investigators that might incriminate Casey. It seems pretty senseless to me! Just a ploy on his part to be the first one, besides the attorney, who will have privy to what Casey knows. I smell book deal, movie deal money, money, money! He is such a scum bag! He has no interest in finding Caylee – only in padding his pocket. I am sure that he and Baez have already inked a deal for the rights to all upcoming marketing attempts, i.e., books, tv, movies. They are all the lowest of the low scumbags!

  • Apparently he has been in contact with Jose Baez, Casey’s attorney. Since they didn’t come up with this overnight I am pretty sure that Casey is aware of what is going on.
    Cindy had already mentioned the possibility of a safe house for Casey anyway because of the threats the family is receiving.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about the rest.

  • Independent investigators found clothing that may be related to the Caylee Anthony case and have turned it over to the Orange County Sheriffs dept. It included among other things size 5 women’s jeans, a small child’s clothing, and a backpack.
    The story is on several blogs and on the local Fox affiliate station in Orlando. Keep your fingers crossed that this will provide the evidence they need to keep Casey in jail.
    Here’s the link to the story:

  • hey, the anthony’s have already sold their souls, of course they will allow Padills and his so called associates sleep overs with casey.
    they figure, “what do we have to lose.”

  • hi Richard, guess what??? the FIRST thing i tell the Teacher and Principal is “I’m NOT the kind of Parent who is going to be covering up for my 2 daughters.” I tell them “give it to me straight and HONEST, and i will deal with it, my daughter will be GROUNDED.”
    i also tell my daughters i am TRUTHFULL with the Teacher and Principal!!!
    hey, in this day and age, you HAVE to put some fear in our children, if NOT, they will make ‘pea soup’ out of us. I don’t spank because my daughters will call police so i have to put this fear in them, they are brats. but, they can also be loving and caring. but they KNOW i will ground them from their favorite TELEVISION@!!!!

  • Thanks Jane. I just posted a bit about it on my front page as well as a couple of links. Scared Monkeys is a pretty good site, that’s where I found the pictures of the evidence.

  • just found this site from a blogger on message board that i’ve been w/ for quite a while, referring to the anthonys as the a’s, then the STARS, which just recently a debbie & a brenda chastised me for being bad,there are over 3,000 replies. from the beginning i’ve posted as if they were (STARS) writing their own script for a sitcom or boring soap opera(which they are’nt doing very well) & makinf fun of the sun trust fund to help find little caylee, but the STARS have never looked for her ect, plus a group got together to look for caylee, but the STARS were in the same parking lot giving the media an interview did not bother to tell these caring people thanks or give them a bottle of water, they drove away in their ac, painted ,find caylee car.told the public to get”get off their asses & look for caylee!”so, don’t forget to run to sun trust & give lots of $$$$$$ i wanted a refund, but the STARS spent it. some bloggers revealed the STARS have three civil suits from bank cards pending, they’re 3 months behind on their mortgage,mr. STAR got fired, mrs STAR has’nt worked since the donations came in & she’s too busy giving the media interviews. all that i wrote is happening,book deals, movies, & lots of easy $$$$$$$$$$$$,cause they have mega big debts.if anyone wants to comment on this go to message board, we’re really trying to figure this saga out & sort the lies they’ve told.the STARS are’nt getting so much attention, but they have a spokesman to help them sort their lies, not an agent.

  • Can somebody help me with the link of all caseys party pics,i haddem but i cant find them for some reason,then again its all so confusing,i heard that ameatur searchers found a black tank top and bookbag at a this true?
    I am doing all i can,ive done so may nic searches and found a few interesting things,ill never stop till shes found also i wanna say,that if casey goes free i hope the whole family never gets a restful nights sleep again..honest i do!!
    But i dont wanna hear “cindy or george and lee “scream and holler “when she cuts their throats while they sleep,she gets off,its gonna happen,id barrow those pretty little pink shackles if i were them,they know she did it,but when it happens hell let her go free,unlike Caylee they knew beforehand!!!If Caylee’s life aint worth it theirs sure as hell aint!!!!!!!

  • It is true that searchers found some clothing as well as book bag(s) at a complex in the Orlando area. Whether they are related to the Caylee Anthony case or not is still up in the air.
    I don’t have the link in front of me but it is posted here in one of the posts I put up a couple of weeks ago if you want to look for it.

  • This is pretty interesting. I found it from a website link posted on the psychics blog – BriansDream.
    So many people are blogging and “doing their own investigating, so to speak, on the Internet. This person found a link between the Sawgrass Apartments where Casey said she left Caylee to the club scene and a company called Society Entertainment in Orlando. Very interesting. It follows below:
    “Society Entertainment” — a company like so many others that seem to be connected to this case: connected to the club scene, the music scene, DJ’s, sexy girls, alcohol/drugs. It is run by a guy named Derrick Williams. If you look at his myspace and/or Society Entertainment’s website, you will see how similar it is to some of the others. And he has a few myspace “friends” in common with others we’ve looked at in this case.
    Well, this one is particularly interesting to me, because on WhitePages. com, the business address for “Society Entertainment” is AT THE SAWGRASS APARTMENTS.
    Look up Derrick Williams on WhitePages. com, and you will see what I mean.
    The blogger did send the tip to the OCSO.

  • Is this a club that Casey hung out at?
    I guess it could be related but then again…
    I had a girl that worked for me a couple of years ago. Her boyfriend was busted for drugs. She also happened to live in the same subdivision as I do.
    Yes. It’s because we live in the same town. So what.
    I am glad that people are forwarding tips but it seems that some of them are pretty farfetched. Everyone (including myself) has their favorite theory on what happened and wants it to be the right one.
    From what you said, this guy Derrick that runs a club lives in the Sawgrass apartments and uses it as his business address. Now if someonce could place Casey WITH Derrick during the time before or after Caylee disappeared THEN there would a tentative connection, otherwise it doesn’t even seem remotely related.
    I’ve been over to Brians Dream as well a couple of times and there are some pretty sharp folks there that are really trying to help.

  • It seems that a couple of hours after I posted this my account at Websleuths was validated. Cool. There are some really good discussions going on over there and while I do the great majority of my posting here I have wanted to chime in a couple of times.

  • Hello,
    I’m a Canadian & new to this fourm but have been whatching the coverage on Headline News. I can’t believe that this has gone this far without a real arrest in the case. It’s so skechy. I don’t know if it has been mentioned yet but could it be possible that Casey had no babysitter & was so sick that she used her car trunk as one while she spent her money on drugs & partied all night? That would explain alot. I hate to think that this poor young girl may have suffoated.
    May she be found safe & sound..

  • So the grandma washed the clothes found in the car…they could still find dna on them since you hear of people trying to wash away blood all the time, but almost no cleaner gets rid of it. They could also test to see how she washed the clothes if she didn’t use detergent. Also, I doubt she drowned in the grandparents pool because Casey, for one reason or another, moved out of their house and in with her boyfriend. He stated that he has a pool at his complex, and that was the last time he saw Caylee.(June 6th) So, why would Casey go to her parents house and let Caylee go swimming? They also found pics dated on June 15th with the granpda, Caylee and Casey. The grandpa said the last time he saw Caylee was before that date and he gave in detail everything Caylee and Casey were wearing and their hairstyles that day. Why would you pay that much attention and how could you remember what they were wearing over a month ago?! I don’t understand the nanny thing, either, because she supposedly worked for Casey for a year and a half…and Casey lived with her parents and they never heard of or seen the nanny?! Pretty sure the work Casey was going to everyday that she told her parents about was some illegal thing and something went wrong and now they have Caylee….or Caylee’s real father didn’t die and he took her…or some twisted thing like that, just like the whole family. Did they find out about the cement yet?
    Also, is there anyway they can contact the IRS to see where Casey was supposely working? They can see where’s been paying taxes to. This JP Chatt guy that was mentioned looks REALLY similar to Caylee. They said that her real father started a family of his own but he died in a car crash. Now the father is being said to be the Grund/Grizzle guy. I think it’s JP, myself, not only because he looks like her, but he’s from Peurto Rico and Casey was said to have a passport. Also, Zenediar (sp, I know) could be a Peurto Rican name and maybe her and JP took Caylee there and Casey decided not to at the last minute. If you look at JP’s sight, there’s a party with info about the address, which is the address that Casey had written down in the car. JP also has a friend named Jeff…could it be the Jeff that Casey is talking about? I know my theory is kind of out there, but so is the family.

  • I have never seen a story covered like this one. It’s getting to the point that NO ONE gives a straight answer to any questions asked about the case. There’s no doubt that the family is involved as far as helping Casey cover up this awful mess that she has created, but I don’t believe their involvement is direct. The attorney won’t even make eye contact because he knows he’s defending a quilty client, but his job is now to defend her. I feel that too much media time is being given to this matter. While it is extremely sad that a beautiful child is missing, it’s also extremely frustrating how the authorities have lost all control and have allowed this family to upset the viewers with their constant lies, and their lack of emotion and concern for this baby. They are in TOTAL control of this case. Enough is enough!

  • I can’t believe that this has gone this far without a real arrest in the case. It’s so skechy. I don’t know if it has been mentioned yet but could it be possible that Casey had no babysitter & was so sick that she used her car trunk as one while she spent her money on drugs & partied all night? That would explain alot. I hate to think that this poor young girl may have suffoated.

    I don’t think that was the case although anything could have happened. I do think she either died in the car or drowned in her grandparent’s pool and Casey freaked out and tried to cover it up rather than dialing 911.

  • they could still find dna on them since you hear of people trying to wash away blood all the time, but almost no cleaner gets rid of it. They could also test to see how she washed the clothes if she didn’t use detergent.

    True and I am sure they have sent them to be tested. Hopefully it will tell law enforcement some new information.

    They also found pics dated on June 15th with the granpda, Caylee and Casey. The grandpa said the last time he saw Caylee was before that date and he gave in detail everything Caylee and Casey were wearing and their hairstyles that day

    I could be wrong but I believe that the last day he said he saw Caylee was the 16th. I know Father’s Day was the 15th and Cindy Anthony took Caylee to see her father IIR.

    Also, is there anyway they can contact the IRS to see where Casey was supposely working? They can see where’s been paying taxes to.

    I seriously doubt she’s been paying taxes. You wouldn’t need the IRS for that anyway, the State of Florida could tell them that and it would probably be faster as well.

  • I don’t think that their involvement is direct either. I think that the Anthony’s have two priorities right now. First and foremost is to get Caylee back or find out what happened and second in line is to protect Casey. If Casey gets in the way of priority #1 I think they will throw her to the wolves.
    I don’t agree with the rest of it though. The Anthonys have no control whatsoever over what’s going on in the media, although having Larry Garrison may help in that regard.

    While it is extremely sad that a beautiful child is missing, it’s also extremely frustrating how the authorities have lost all control and have allowed this family to upset the viewers with their constant lies, and their lack of emotion and concern for this baby. They are in TOTAL control of this case.

    Here’s what I think happened with them and the media. Over the last few years we have had cases like Brianna Denison, Natalee Holloway and Maria Lauterbach. Although each of them had at least one or two negatives posted about them in the media, for the most part it was all about them and the media and public were on their side as well as their families. I believe the Anthonys thought it would be the same with them.
    The only problem with that is that with the other three cases there is a ‘bad guy’. The unknown rapist, Cesar Laurean and Joran Van Der Sloot. Who’s the bad guy here? The media HAS to have a bad guy to persecute so they started digging up dirty laundry and since the only clear cut bad guy in this scenario is Casey Anthony, the media is persecuting her family that is trying their best to make some sense of it. The main stream media has been in control of the entire situation since the day after Cindy Anthony gave her first interview.

  • Would you happen to have a link to the information about their finances? It doesn’t necessarily pertain to Caylee but I would like to post it in the case information. I need hard links before I do that.

  • I was just curious about something. You hear the media talking about Casey and her parents all of the time in this case. But I haven’t heard a word mentioned about Caylee Anthony’s biological father. Where has he been during all of this? Even if he wasn’t in her life or whatever (which I’m unsure of) you would think that he would still be concerned for his daughter’s well being. Does he have any part in this case at all?

  • thought to ponder: ms. Anthony has no sense of motherhood at all….isn’t it sad that a gorilla (in germany) will not let go of her dead baby-she is so much in mourning and it took casey 31 days to even REPORT her child missing!
    HOw sad~

  • I’ve been following the story on your blog for a few weeks now; thanks for the updates!
    Thought you may find this interesting; they have released Casey:
    “The Padillas hope that Casey being out of jail and in more comfortable surroundings will help the search for missing Caylee Anthony. However, Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez says he has instructed the Padillas not to question her about the case and said that Casey knows not to answer any of their questions.”
    Kinda blows the Padillas reasoning for getting her out of jail out of the water, no? Perhaps you can ask Leonard about it in your interview.
    The quote is from here:

  • Yeah, I got the update on my Blackberry at work. I figured they would let her out today. It should be interesting. I am still hearing reports that one of the bondsmen are going to be staying at the house though. Guess I need to check it out.

  • Bethany,
    Caylee’s biological father is dead. He died in a car crash about a year ago. But, they never did an official paternity test, this was just hearsay from Casey that he was the father. I forget his name as well. But the suppossed father’s family says ‘no, no, he’s not that dad. He neer mentioned having fathered a child with Casey. etc. etc’
    So, who knows. I mean, perhaps if he wasn’t the real father and the real father is alive, maybe he took Caylee. I don’t know anymore. This story reaks my heart. My child is 3 and if he was gone for even 5 MINUTES, I’d be caling the police and be in a frenzy. But that’s just me, and almost every other parent out there.

  • I know I posted something earlier, but here or some more things bothering me…
    I don’t understand how she was borrowing her friend’s (amy) car when she had her own car? Also, if she left it abandoned at some store, wouldn’t the clerks there realise this and see her leaving it? Another thing, who picked her up from the store if her car was there? I don’t think Casey left Caylee in the car and forgot about her while partying because people at the clubs would have seen her in the car and would have reported it. If anything, there was an accomplis because there is no way she drove two cars to a “random” store to park her car and leave in another car. Also, I don’t get the cement block being poured and buried? Why would you put cement in the ground for no reason? Can anyone help me on these questions? This case gets more confusing to me everyday. The GM apparently was mad at Casey for leaving the pool ladder down…so obviously she knew they were at their house and when she got mad at her for this, why didn’t she ask where Caylee was.
    People are saying that this was all premeditated…considering how stupid she and her family sound lying to everyone, I don’t think she would be that smart to plan everything out, such as going to that apartment in April as a Zenaida and then 3 months later say that your child has been missing for a month with a nanny named that. She wouldn’t go bury her daugher somewhere and NOT shower afterwards…so wherever she showered, that person would have known she was all muddy or dirty. If she did bury her somewhere and she waited 31 days(supposedly) it was probably so the earth would have time to cover up any ground that looks like it was disturbed. (does that make sense?) And I really don’t think she’s that smart to do all this, unless she is conning everyone into thinking she’s a spoiled brat and isn’t smart with coming up with lies and in reality she’s a bright bulb. When she borrowed the shovel, people witnessed her pulling up the garage, etc. Is there any witnesses as to what she did with the shovel? Like, did they see her go in the backyard? Did she leave with the shovel in her car and then returned it to the neighbors? Nothing adds up with that. Unless, she used the shovel to break the lock on the shed. But, being it’s her parents house, you would think that she knew where the key was for the lock.

  • Thank God,i made it back,ive had the worst virus ever and its taken me 2 weeks to get rid of it,finally had to do a complete system recovery,
    I am totally outraged that this bounty hunter..errrr media hunter got her out,and honestly though i don’t think he paid it,somewhere theres a link to him and someone in that family or Baez’s……..
    I am furious…….and here we are again another mother gets off for murder,well they sure set a damn good example to others like her and the karen smiths of the world,hell you get agravated at your children ,kill em’… if she gets off this one,wait & see,she’ll slash her parents throats as they sleep to go get drunk and laid.which hell,why not,she’ll get off again right? kill your children & you’ll be on tv and a self serving bounty hunter will come get ya out for ratings ,and before long she will be livng in Ca. makin porno movies,
    LMBO@ Baez said casey whispered to him to take the umbrella down,she is innocent….LMAO!! He aint even a good liar,and at that moment i could’ve collapsed,almost did actually and i bawled for
    hrs. because heres one more person betraying the le and media and ppl like us who DO care ,i cant get myself together since,
    Not one of them has Caylee on their mind! am so outraged about this bounty hunter,and just like everyone else involved in the case i feel somethings not being told again’
    He says he can get the truth in a week and now he cannot even talk to her,i believe the family or ( doubt) has put the money up,at 1st mr. padilla said he wasn’t afraid she’d run,so he wasn’t worried about the money,now though Baez says that he cannot talk to her or anyone while shes out,and why didn’t Baez say that when he was trying to bond her out,not after! I didn’t want her to get out but i thought maybe this guy had some truth serum..grrrrrr
    Thats the only way she’ll talk at all…and maybe she’ll get so mad at cindy again and all hell will break loose and they’ll start ratting on one another,so whats the purpose of getting her out other than the
    gp’s own selfish reasons, and to cook up a good lie as usual which i think was a plot from day one.also i have the link to her myspace entries where she told her friend amy i believe that she had to go to the Oviedo house to get insurance papers??
    Im a grandma too & i can’t figure it out how cindy & george & lee can support her and believe everything she tells them when they were the ones who told us she lies constantly,we didnt know that till they told the media and now they hate the non supporters of casey for not’ believing her.i know exactly what i would’ve done,i was in a similar situation at one time when our daughters live in bf (age 44,she 22) brutally murdered my husband due to a bad domestic situation,he beat her daily and he wouldnt let us help,we tried,EVERYTHING for 3 yrs and she’d leave go back..again,again & over again and my husband of 25 yrs worked out of town as an ironworker and this monster beat her daily and when her dad would come home on weekends the monster would leave and a few times even packed everything he owned in the middle of the night b/c he knew my husband was coming home .
    On sept.6-03 my husband and i were roofing an old house and my husband fell off the roof and broke his hip and they had to operate and he was supposed to have another soon after b/c it was totally destroyed and his rt. arm was broken twice,his wrist was broken,he had to walk on a platform walker and our grandbaby(age3) was terrified of it so when he was around my husband used his cane mostly and on this particular day,a sunday 10-12-03
    while he was disabled from a roof fall my husband went to get our grandbaby like he did a thousand times before but wasn’t disabled then, and my husband was standing at the backdoor b/c our dtr told him to wait till she got him ready and he was talking to a man who we knew to but was visiting them when the monster snuck out the front door and up to the backdoor and you wouldnt believe it all but its all so hard to deal with as well as graphic so i will tell you that my husband passed away on 10-13-03 from blunt force trauma to his head,liver & spleen and the monster fled to Ga.the night it happened and the cops got ahold of him somehow????? and told him to come back & he did but my husband had passed away by then and they took his’ statement and let him go and then???? he and his buddy took my husbands cane(the monster said he’d hit him with first,wasnt possible and was proven) as well as the weapon the newspapers called a limb!!
    (a 4ft x4″ cut and widdled tree branch made by him after my husband was disabled) I got whipped with limbs growing up,it never killed me.
    Thank God for the man who was talking to him at the time finally went & told the truth and the monster was arrested and held under a $100,000.00 bond and the day i buried my husband he got out
    for $500.oo cash because the dad that didnt even know where the monster lived (b/c he was running from child support) for his 12 yr old dtr in Ga.) and who wouldnt even loan him a dollar paid for the best attorney here and he pled guilty 2 days before the trial was to start,saying the “only”reason was he was pleading was in his own interest & that he was defending himself????????? the judge said his hands were tied b/c he pled guilty,i don’t know how that works but he got 6 months?? in the co.jail and today he lives not 10 miles away….and i looked on TDOC and he absconded?? i take that to mean he fled!! & now i cant leave my house,everybody considers me a hermit but it isnt that, I cant trust anyone and im afraid ill run into him,i put 12 miles a mo. on my car,that tells you how often i leave home,he’s free and i’m the prisoner.
    I married at age 15 and was a mom 7 mo’s later .I never worked,didnt have to & i’d never lived alone,i never had to make my own decisions & fend for myself and we had just celebrated our 25th anniversary 8-23-03.I’m sorry that i rambled on and on but it’s hard to tell the story w/o telling all the facts b/c i wanted the world to know that my husband was disabled,so the monster had 2 advantages that day and he had planned it,this all happened in front of my dtr and my grandson but her dad died honoring her,he paid a loyal price for his dtr & gs b/c i do believe that he would’ve killed them that day ,he always told me,i’ll take your dtr & your gs away from ye B$#$
    I’m a mcnabb & nobody will take me down ,well i guess he was right???
    every time we went to the courthouse for hearings and all & even on 4-11-05 when he was sentenced not 1 person family or otherwise was there,ever! with him except sentencing day
    2 of his drug buddies were there and we never even knew them and the girl started screaming at us,said he does have remorse,hes as hurt as yall’! Thank God the bailiff grabbed her and oh yea he failed his drug test that day and his atty. said?? he didnt know he had failed!!
    so thats my story,I’m sorry but justice is based on your billfold,i had $113.00 on me when he passed away..we had no insurance,he was only 43,thought we didn’t need it,i had to leave the home i last saw him at,last ate with him,last touched him b/c i couldn’t pay the rent!!
    I wanted to tell you all this so you can understand that i do feel so bad for Caylee,and i honestly did at 1st for the gp’s until they started supporting her when i KNOW if my dtr had ever even spoke to this monster again i would for sure disown her,i lost my husband and the life we built for years ,basically lost my life as well & if her dad meant no more to her than that she wouldn’t deserve a forgiving mother!! & she was our only child!
    now before i go i was thinking that when the gp’s were obviously hiding the fact the gas cans were stolen by casey. i would bet you that when media got ahold of that fact the gp’s went and bought new cans and probably never recovered the original ones just so no DNA like when cindy washed the pants.They know what happened,i know they do!! remember cindy said i dont wanna hear about those damn cans again?? flares her temper!!
    Funny how everything got covered up! thats why and only why’ they said george had found them in her car b/c all of a sudden george accuses her when all along she’s been an angel.
    The invetigators go back to his home to get them,b/c if you
    think about it it was during that FBI meeting that he admitted this and theyd tried so hard to hide the fact casey stole anything before.
    I wonder how the family dog acted today,i believe thats why she moved Caylee,she was scared their own dog would dig the body up!!
    Cathy Elkins

  • I have so many feelings on this.. But I think the most important thing here is to find Caylee.. The police are spending way too much time on the lies she is telling.. They need to do the oppossite of what ever Casey tells them.. I as a mother would be out of my mind if someone took my child. I don’t care if she is only 22 a mother is a mother no matter how old you are you still should have common sense to call 911 if your daughter is missing.. She did nothing but party and tell eveyone she was “looking” for her. Where at the bottom of her beer bottle. Still now she says that her daughter is close. How does she know she’s close if she DOESN’T know where she is… Unless she has passed and she put her body some where.. All I want is 1 full day with her.. no one else just me her and a lot of coffee.. I have heard so many people say they want to break her down but she isn’t going to she LOVES what is happening now.. LOVES it… She needs someone to get into her head.. She needs someone who doesn’t ask ONE question about her daughter’s disapperance.. I would LOve to be that person because I know I could do it..
    But since that will never happen all I can do is pray.. I love you website..
    Always, Michelle

  • Casey is not Concerned?

    I hadn’t planned on writing anymore about the search for Caylee Anthony or about her mother Casey either, at least not today but I have received links to three different stories today and it really pissed me off. First off…

  • Deputy Fired For Having Relations With Casey Anthony

    Update August 29th 10:50PM – Casey has been re-arrested for writing bad checks. Updated August 29th 5:33PM Casey Anthony’s bond revoked, to return to jail on Saturday? Updated August 28th 2008 5:25PM Tests show that a decomposing body had been…

  • this entire family is in such denial. parent’s are also enabler’s for casey. they are covering her ass big time.
    main focus..caylee ! disregard that nutty family.
    my heart hurt’s sooooo very much for that darling little girl ! too hell with that dumbass nutty family!
    i get the drift for all of casey’s lie’s. (PARENT’S)


  • Nothing can describe what I feel or think about what I read and view and hear about the facts and allegations on this case.. Other than whenever I see more coverage on it. I feel like i’m watching a SCI-fi clip on The Invasion… There is no Emotion , No response of any kind indicating that this Mother does not posses any kind of human reaction to stress, tragedy ,love, hate, there is Nothing behind her Alien inhuman eyes!!! My take on what I have learned is that she was at the end of using her family and friends..They all had enough of her . Because she is one of the rare people in this world that have this severe personality disorder . She can go on forever causing pain to others without feeling the consequences of her actions..She had to have known the her illegal check cashing days would catch up to her sooner than later..Her MOM and DAD where at wits end with her antics. I BELIEVE she sacrificed her daughter ..Killed her with chloroform , wrapped her in a rug , dug her grave in the woods by the airport , said her goodbuys and simply went on her way. This is what her family gets for loving her! that’s truly how she feels. I also Believe the world will never know the complete truth. Caysey will keep that to herself ..After all, as long as she knows what really happened know one else Matters!

  • I am wondering where Caylee’s father is in all of this. No one from his side of the family has come forward to say anything about all of this.

  • Supposedly the guy is dead. There has been a lot of conjecture in the matter on blogs and forums and thus far nobody has come forward to say that they are the father or the father’s family.

  • I just hope that this demon women dont get away with murder, she is a self centered b…
    Sorry I just wanted to express myself 🙂


  • I agree about Padilla!! He should not use this as a Media Frenzy they already have had at it long enough!!! Casey buried that baby close to home and that’s the whole story..She will not break until they look close to her home!! May the higher power give her mercy when they find that child!!! I do Believe an eye for an eye !!! In Florida that is the Final Justice…..

  • the jail guards lied they said she never wanted to see the tv of her daughter. what really happened was they ordered her not to watch tv and they shut the tv off. if the plice let her continue to drive and follow her she might have toime to relocate the body but they were to in a hurry to cut them off on the road. you can burry a body in your own yard and not leave a mark. dogs have no cent through water.


  • Naomi,
    It’s a shame you don’t have as much compassion for living children as you do for one who is probably deceased. If Zenaida doesn’t work, her children don’t eat; and all of the assumptions you make about single parents, are, frankly, appalling. I hope I’m never in a position to have to be employed by someone like you.
    That said: It doesn’t matter if her name was cleared by the police – what Casey did in throwing her name around is called “defamation.” According to Wikipedia, “Most jurisdictions allow legal actions, civil and/or criminal, to deter various kinds of defamation and retaliate against groundless criticism.” Gonzalez has every right to sue the Anthony family.


  • i hope this “mother of the year” gets what she deserves… i think the police should say “tell us the truth and u will get life, or continue and lie and get the dealth penalty”.
    there is no way she is innocent. without getting into too much detail the fact that she NEVER reported her daughter missing (remember it was g-ma that called) and was lying about the baby-sitter and then was seen partying after her daughter was “missing” puts the nails in her coffin for me…. i mean come on, what mother can do these things while her daughter is “missing”.
    it makes me sick to me freaking stomach…and its pathetic that now she can cry “oh it was an accident, i never ment to kill her just knock her out so i can go be a whore” and this might actually work… but i am hoping the computer searches and lies are enough to fry her no good self…
    i dont want to here she was a single young mom blah blah blah…so was i…… i am only 20 and a mother to an almost 2 year old… i went thru hard troubles proabably waayyyy worse then here. there is no excuse for what she did….she knew what she was doing
    R.I.P Caylee

  • I was a mother at 16 and had three children by 21. I do not understand as a mother how this could happen. I know the grandparents are torn. You do not want to believe your child could do something like this. I would not want to be in there shoes. They have not only lost their granddaughter they have also lost their daughter. We can only do our best in raising our children and hope they learn and do the right things in life. I have tryed to keep up on everything in this story because it is heart wrenching. I just want everyone that has children to think how they would feel right now if this was their daughter. Things happen every day and we as parents can not be there every second of that day to ensure our child lives up to our expectations. There is no excuse for what this mother did. I just feel the grandmother is trying not to believe it. She will have to come to terms with it at her own time. As a mother and grandmother I pray I never have to be in their shoes.

  • I just do not believe Casey did this to her daughter on purpose. I believe she accidently died while in trunk and possibly sedated so Casey could party but I do not believe she would have intentionally killed her little girl as the home shows a lot of love was displayed for Caley and her mother did look like she loved her in the photos that are being shown. I think it was an accident and not intentional.

  • I am still on the fence after all of this time. I may very well have been an accident but anyone that sedates their kid so they can go out and party is just plain evil, if that’s what was going on.

  • Brenda,do you mean like when she “accidently looked up killing method’s,neck breaking,missing children sites,chloroform,called Caylee a snot head to a boyfriend”??
    Like that…I dunno about you but i do know Caylee was talking pretty well just before this happened and ive seen a few to many pix of a 2yr old with dark circles under her eyes?? Who knows what casey was like alone with Caylee,you can look at photos of them and she always looks terrified when caseys with her??
    I know G/C loved her but they should have never condoned what casey did to Caylee!! They made themselves a victim to get sympathy so i don’t feel bad for them,i could have,i am a grandma.I would never have that choice to make if my daughter harmed her child period!!!
    and yea she no doubt used to knock her out but it was no accident! If it were for one second an accident………….wouldn’t you just about lose your mind?? It doesn’t bother her at all” because she came up with a scheme and she’s used to being believed?? and she’s sticking to it,she did it to get back at cindy!!!!!!!!!! pure selfishness!!!

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