Due to the Natalie Holloway post in which I referenced that fact that I believe that the news coverage would not be nearly as heavy if she had been black or poor, I am receiving a very large amount of comments and even some emails now. It is amazing to me how many people use poor grammar and cannot spell. Perhaps PC companies need to make literacy a requirement before sale of equipment. I know that everyone makes spelling mistakes, and I most certainly am not the grammar police, but at least use a fucking spell-checker. Oh, and by the way, for those of you that have made scathing remarks about the language and how it is unacceptable, it is very simple, GO SOMEWHERE THE FUCK ELSE. I occasionally (ok, maybe more than occasionally) use foul language. Sorry, it is just the way I am, if it offends you, don’t fucking read anything here. Just like censorship on TV. If you don’t want to watch it, change the fucking channel.
   Now that I have that out of my system, I can get to the point of this post. Although I grew up in the South, neither of my parents were particularly pregidous. It’s just not something that I grew up with. My Great-Grandmother, Mama Ruth, was born in the late 1800’s, so I of course got my share from her, but even that was minimal. As I get older, I do tend to view others in a stereotypical manner. That is more the result of people ACTING like stereotypes than anything else. As one astute commenter “if it walks like a duck, and quakes like a duck”, it certainly isn’t a fucking snake.If you don’t want to be viewed as a stereotype, don’t act like one.
   For instance, I live in a semi-rural part of Georgia. The common misconception is that everyone outside of 285 is a bunch of illiterate reneck trailer trash. I can drive around my community, and there are three or four trailer parks withing three or four miles of my house, and some of them have their share of cars and trucks up on blocks in the yard. Lot’s of confederate flags flying out here. Plenty of pregnant teenages (although that is not limited to us out here). Plenty of overalls, and small children running around dirty and half-naked in their yards. Does this mean that we are all stupid fucking rednecks? Perhaps. Or it could show that in GENERAL (not everyone) stereotype are GENERALLY true, or have some basis in truth. They are not true for 100% of the population, but each has it’s own grain of truth. So does this mean that if I use a stereotype in conversation that I am a racist? According to quite a few of the comments here, yes, it does. Well guess what, FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON. Personally I don’t consider myself a racist. I have some black friends as well as some employees, most of them go about life in an every day manner, but some of them are fucking lazy, tip like shit, and expect that I owe them something, just because they were opressed by my great-great grandfather. Fuck them, they are living the stereotype. I have one kids that I trained about ten years ago. He has been in and out of jail for the last few years. Most of his entire family is alcoholics and only a couple of them work. They are Cherokee, and they are living the existance of another racial stereotype. I have goteen rid of several people at work who insist on using the word nigger, either in conversation, or directed towards people. Stupid fucking rednecks. Anyone with half a brain realizes that most people find that word extremely offensive, and therefore, don’t use it. That is, unless you are a famous comedian, rap star, actor, etc. Apparently they don’t have to live by the same rules that everyone else does.

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  1. Love your post. And yes, I bet it’s racial, especially since miss Natalee from genteel and rich Alabama origine was hanging out with the Kalpoe brothers, who so very obviously are NOT white.
    Amen on the spelling comments. Like spelling is actually taught in substandard schools, parenting should be a required course in American schools. After all, kids start in 7th and 8th grade having children, maybe if they are taught how to be parents, the kids might stand a chance in life.
    I am a Dutch woman, naturalized many years ago. I love the USA but I have to say this much: if Joran van der Sloot had been arrested in the USA for the supposed crime he committed, he would have been let go a long time ago due to the lack of evidence.
    And the blond bimbette mother Twitty should have been tossed off Aruba on her ear instead of having been given free room and board for her and 10 of her closest relatives, all the while badmouthing the Aruban judicial system and the corruptness of Holland. Does she even know where the hell to find Holland? How could her daughter have withdrawn $10,000 on the night she disappeared? What 18-year-old has access to that much money without question?
    I feel for the family. Losing a child must be a horrific ordeal, but Twitty is not the only mom who has lost a wayward daughter (is she even dead, why haven’t they found ANY DNA evidence anywhere?) and the resources she apparently has at her disposal are, to say the least, questionable. I guess money talks and bullshit……. well, you know the rest
    Oh, and for what it’s worth, I live in rural Oklahoma, where the rednecks are as thick as the ones in your neck of the woods…. and I love every minute of it.

  2. Are you serious? Did Natalie Holloway really withdraw 10K from her bank account on the night she disappeared? If it is so, she must have done it from a bank, in person, with passport id. It is unlikely that it was an ATM withdrawal. They don’t do it in that amount. So, if it is so – and having followed the case,I have not heard this before – is it not a reasonable inference to draw that she either needed the cash for a deal of some type (read; “drugs”) or she was planning to do a runner. That’s the thing about the media coverage. It lacks objectivity.
    Curious, eh? Hard to imagine on a small place like Aruba, a person just disappears totally without trace.

  3. How could her daughter have withdrawn $10,000 on the night she disappeared? What 18-year-old has access to that much money without question?
    Do you happen to have a link to this story? I would be interested in finding out more. I have been working quite a bit the last few days and have not been able to keep up with the news.

  4. Natalee Holloway may be halfway to England by now. That is what happens to some people who go swimming shit faced drunk. Who can Beth blame it on. I lived in Birmingham, Alabama for several years and completely understand the “guilty until proven innocent” mentality that goes along with southern church mythology. I did not say it was right it just is.
    To date (8/1/05) Birmingham has has 35 murders (mostly unsolved) this year. Compared to 3 murders in three years where was Natalee safer.
    Seem like some of us in the US just gotta blame someone besides ourselves. Like we blame Moslems for the way Reagan screwed them in Afghanistan.

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