I posted quite a bit of this in a couple of comments in ongoing discussions in my archives, but I felt like putting it here as well, as some of the comments are pretty pointless.
Does anyone know who Sujey Alvarez, Abigail Louise Angel, Amanda Bailey, Ana Benitez, Amber Janae Branham, Nikki Evans Earnest, Sharnecia Monique Frazier, Bobbie Jo Glaze, Venus Grier, Rachel Lynn Harris, Julian Tiberius Hernandez, Jessica Jean Linderman, Kasie Lynn Mcguire, Rosa Perez, Nicole Marie Rockwell, Heaven Lashae Ross, Cameron Justin Smith, Natalie Dale Spruill, Darlene Nicole Tolbert, Fred Wright, Mary Jordan Wright are?
Need a hint? They are all missing children from Alabama. They include two blacks and three hispanics. The rest are white.
Well, how about Reyna Gabriella Alvarado-Carerra (thanks to Kuro5hin for the op piece)? She has been missing since a few weeks before Natalie Holloway.
Know what they ALL have in common? They are not being beaten like a dead horse on CNN and FOX. Why not? I know for a fact that each and every one of them has someone that cares about them and wants to find them. You don’t see F-15’s doing fly-bys to look for them, now do you? Apparently these missing children just aren’t newsworthy enough. Or perhaps it is the people that WATCH CNN and FOX that don’t give a fuck. No pretty and blonde enough for you or something? Actually I am sure that at least one of these kids has to be a pretty blonde, but they are the exception that proves the rule.
How about Jon-Benet Ramsey? Heard of her? Of course you have. Even Ted Kazinsky has probably heard of her.
I did manage to see mention of Latoyia Figueroa on both FOX, and more prominently on CNN. She is a mother, also five months pregnant, from Philadelphia, who has been missing since July 18th. Damn, why so long to report the nes about her? That’s because she is black and from the ghetto. So why is she being reported on now? Thanks to Richard Blair of allspinzone.com, a blogger. As Richard notes, Natalie Holloway rates aver 5600 news hits on Google, while Latoyia Figueroa rates about 77 (and that is mostly thanks to Richard).
Personally, I think that ALL of these dissapearences are tragic, and would like for all of these people to be reunited with those that love them. That having been said, for those of you that have so vehemently disagreed with what I have been saying for weeks about Natalie Holloway being a big deal because she is blonde, white and pretty, you can go fuck yourself. I will respectfully NOT agree to disagree.
One of the things that I have found interesting over the last few weeks has to do with the number of hits that I receive. Obviously I am not a soothing read that thousands of people flock to (at least I hope the fuck not). My normal readership is anywhere from 10-75 people per day, myself and my wife probably making up 20% of the hits. Since Natalie dissapeared, I have been receiving THOUSANDS of hits per day, the highest day being somewhere around 4700 if I recall correctly. The last couple of days, that has dipped back below 100. Now, a couple of things could be happening here. I may have so completely disgusted and pissed off all of the entertainment news junkies out there that they are flocking to ban my sorry ass, or maybe they find that the Natalie Holloway story is getting stale and need a little bit of strange, you know, some new action. While I would like to think that it is the former, I think the second scenario is the culprit. Well, you know what they say, joke yourself if you can’t take a fuck.