Murdering Pedophile

Couldn’t think of any better title for this post, although that one is kind of weird, it is straight-forward and to the point.
One of the things I have been following lately, besides Natalie Holloway, is the two missing kids, Shasta and Dylan Groene. I read a report early Saturday about Joe Duncan being arrested, but didn’t make the connection until later that day. I had happened on the pictures of Shasta and Dylan on the FBI’s web site at some point last week. One of the things that is mentioned several times on CNN is that Joe Duncan blogged about his life as a sex offender at his web site, Don’t bother trying to visit, the web site is no more. Either the provider,, or the fbi have taken it down. You can find the cached remains at google though, here, and here. All total I found about 16 pages cached at google, just with a preliminary search, not really digging.
After having read some of it, his skewed perspective bleeds out everywhere in his writing. The dude is fucking sick. Funny thing is, he sounds like a fucking liberal talking about welfare, or class warfare in his writing.
Just did another search on google (similar to the first) on sex, now get 168 links. Looks like the great majority of them are news sites picking up on some of his sick activities. I haven’t surfed much lately, so don’t know if this is being posted about much, but I found it very interesting that at least up until Sunday or Monday, most of the blogs that I read have been strangely silent on this one.
Too bad being drawn and quartered is probably on the list of Cruel and Unusual, becuase that is the kind of punishment that this sick fuck deserves. Considering how cruel and unusual HE is, it just might fit.