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I have listened to Operation Mindcrime: II several times over the last 24 hours, and like most of Queensryche’s albums, it grows on you. While not as good as the first, this album is definately the best work they have put out since 1988. I did enjoy their last album, Tribe, but it doesn’t compare. Here is the track listing:

1 Freiheit Overtüre
2 Convict
3 I’m American
4 One Foot in Hell
5 Hostage
6 The Hands
7 Speed of Light
8 Signs Say Go
9 Re-Arrange You
10 The Chase
11 Murderer?
12 Circles
13 If I Could Change It All
14 An Intentional Confrontation
15 A Junkie’s Blues
16 Fear City Slide
17 All the Promises

You can find samples at their home page, and it is also available on iTunes. I haven’t seen them yet since I don’t watch music videos all that much, but I believe that at least one of them is up on yahoo.

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