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Update 9-5-2006
Daedalus and I have been carrying on a little conversation in the comments and he has brought forth some really good points on the investigation. Even though I might think he is wrong, I figured I would update this post. Also, since there are quite a few comments, I figured I would paste my most recent comment to him here as well. His portion of the conversation are in italics:

Some of the translations have been borrowed from Aruba Getagrip. For the rest of the Netherlands newspapers, I generally use Bablefish. Thanks.

It’s the same as always. You seem to know so much about other countries. I can assure you that legal matters, in final, are the responsibility of the Dutch Government.

I only know what I have researched. Most of the information I have gotten about the laws of Aruba, and the Netherlands are from their web sites.

You are right, as you know, that the FINAL responsibility is in the hands of the Dutch. From Aruba’s web site:

Judicial powers lie with the Common Courts in Aruba in the Netherlands Antilles, and ultimately with the High Court of Justice in Holland.

I could be wrong, but the way I take that is that the Aruba police handle it’s investigations internally, but that final justice is administered by the Supreme Court of Justice in the Netherlands. That pretty much fits in with what I said before, but I did say that they have no jurisdiction. In that I am wrong.

Also from aruba.com: Aruba’s Judicial System

You do not comment on all the issues; not convenient?

I don’t know enough about the FBI files that your government has requested to comment on it yet, the same with Beth Twitty’s possible obstruction of justice. I felt like I wanted to do a bit more research before answering those questions. While we are discussing them though, what about Paul van Der Sloot’s obstruction of justice, or the fact that he told his son, “no body, no crime”?

About people hanging in the streets of LA and NY; is it OK if they get killed and nobody cares?

Of course it’s not OK if they get killed there. I think that it is more a matter of perception. For instance, my brother spent a considerable amount of time in Israel during a couple of trips in the 1980s. He did a bit of writing and research on the Intifada. Eventually he found that he needed to get out of the country quickly because he was also interviewing Palestinians. Obviously the government of Israel did not like that. Had something bad happened to him people are prone to say things like “what do you expect hanging out with the PLO?” Would that have made it any easier? Hell no. I took my children to Disney World last fall. I expect it to be safe for them as well as myself. I also don’t expect to be robbed or killed there. Because that is MY PERCEPTION of the place, the perception that Disney World has put out to the public. Aruba also does the same thing. It is perceived to be the warm friendly place where nothing bad happens. From Aruba.com:

Aruba offers consistently great weather, island wide safety, unique scenic beauty combined with unmatched crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches.

Does that mean I don’t think bad things can happen there? Of course not, but if they do, I expect things to get taken care of. To use the LA and New York as an example again, I would unfortunately expect bad things to happen to a young single girl in either place. My perception of both is that they are places where bad things happen. Right or wrong, that is how they are perceived by a lot of people.

What really sucks, and gives a lot of credence to your points is that here in my home state of Georgia, there are something like 68 unsolved cases of kids that have gone missing and NEVER been accounted for.

I pointed out Cathrina, as a simple and current example, because the US always wants to police the world. And yet, in their own country, they can not even take care of their own people. I don’t blame for missing that point. You’re American and obiously white.

I get the point entirely, but it has nothing to do with the discussion at hand. As far as Katrina goes, my government’s response has been awful. I don’t really agree that it is my government’s responsibility to take care of all the people affected by Katrina in the first place, but that is my political belief more than anything. Since they HAVE decided to be in the business of taking care of people, they should have handled it better.

Aruba did not ask to take over the investigation; we did. Again you are misinformed by your own coloured media.

I read on aruba.com back in March that the Netherlands had sent police to help, at that time it didn’t say anything about who requested at that time.

According to an article published two days ago on ad.nl Aruba requested the police from the Netherlands. Of course that is YOUR colored media that said that, not mine. Perhaps the American media owns them now too? Or maybe you need to do a bit more research as well before you presume to know all of the facts. I live in the US but I cannot assume to know all of the facts about everything that happens here.

On September 1st ad.nl also published an article stating that Rudy Croes, the Aruban Minister of Justice requested the help. Again, that could be incorrect, but it is YOUR media making these statements.

There is even a policeman on this site who claims Joran did it! On what evidence?? Nice cops you have!! Is it his ‘guts feeling’ ???

On this site even people said she was sold to be a slave… My god, from what planet are you?

Actually that has been a pretty common rumor even on Aruba and not so implausible once you think about it. Supposedly there are something like four million women and children involved in the sex slave trade. I ad initially never considered this, it sounds so much like a bad movie, but apparently this is pretty widespread, particularly in Central and South America.

The fact that Americans don’t go to the Antilles so much anymore is good news for people in Europe. They didn’t go there anymore because of the behaviour of Americans.

I actually disagree with a lot of people in the “Boycott Aruba” crap. At one point I thought it was a good idea, but I have since changed my mind on that. If I had the time and money, I would love to visit.

In Europe your exitement about this case is regarded overdone and unjust. Has anyone considered she went to swim and drowned? Or just left? What was she doing in the Hilton Hotel at 3 in the morning?

The possibility that she drowned is actually pretty high on my list. It is entirely possible that she was drunk, went for a midnight swim, and became fish food. So why all of the subterfuge and lying from Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoes?

Yes they changed there stories once. What would you do if the girl you dated the night before is disapeared?

Tell the truth. I don’t have any reason for anyone to question my integrity. Apparently these boys don’t feel the same way. His story changed more than once as well.

Why is it that he said that the size 14 running shoes left on the beach were his, when he wears size 10.5 and when he was arrested he had them on. Whose were they and why would he lie about them?

At first, Joran declared that Natalee herself asked to go to the North side of the island to see sharks, a very ridiculous proposition in the darkness of night.

Afterward, later in the same interrogation, Joran tells police: “At no time did Natalee ask to go to the north side of Aruba!”

Joran himself declared that the (supposed) idea of going to the lighthouse came from him!

What about the documents that were leaked and published on DIARIO that Joran stated at one point that Deepak had raped and murdered Natalee?

In one of the reports, Joran says the following: “I have a suspicion that Deepak went back to where the girl was (referring to Natalee who would have remained at the Fisherman’s Hut)”.

“I know how he thinks”. “From something that happened in the past at the Internet Café where Deepak works, I believe that he is capable of sexual violation”. “Satish, I don’t know.”

Joran van Der Sloot gave this declaration on June 29,2005.

On June 30th, his story changed again.

Get your facts straight and judge on the facts you have.

Actually, for the most part I do a pretty decent job on the facts. Unfortunately I have to rely on Babelfish for the Dutch to English translations, but it helps.

Dear Richard, it is not personal. I am, as many Europeans, only surprised by the hype. I wish you a very good life in your country. I only hope you get another president soon 🙂

As do I, but unfortunately a new President isn’t going to help matters much. Our government is so entrenched in taking our money and redistributing it to others and mired in what THEY can get out of it that changing President’s is not going to help things very much. Also I don’t take it personally at all. I enjoy a good argument, and disagreeing with me only makes me look harder at the facts. A bit of research is good for the mind. The hype comes from the fact that she is white, and pretty. Had it been some big old bag with a huge ass she would not have gotten the coverage that she did. As sad as it sounds, Natalee Holloway was great for ratings.

If this case is solved, I hope we can ‘speak’ again.

As do I. Thank you for making me think just a little bit on my first day of vacation.

Update 8-29-2006

Apparently the Aruban government has asked the Netherlands to take the lead in the still ongoing investigation. You can find a bit more information at Blogs for Natalee. The story is also linked from here.

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The original post was made on June 26, 2006. I will occasionally update as I need, rather than making any more separate posts. As this one (out of 15 or 20) garnered the most comments, I will make this one the default Natalee Holloway post.

Apparently not only have they released the DJ, but Joran Van Der Sloot’s father as well. From what the Aruban Government reported earlier in the day, the only reason that they were holding him was as leverage to get Joran to talk anyway.

The rest of the search and rescue team from Texas has also arrived. Hopefully there can be an end to this in the next few days. I would think it extremely unlikely that she is still alive though, but anything is possible.

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