Suite 1408….Just May Kill You…

Suuweet!!! Everyone knows that I limit myself to just a few TV shows and that I only go to see a couple of movies a year. Most of the time they are something cool that I can see with my son. I do have one love though, and that is of horror movies. The creepier the better. If it keeps me up late with bad dreams, those are the best! Couple that with my love of the author Stephen King and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Although I have my own little collection of horror flicks that I like to watch at home, there are quite a few that I have gone to the theater to see, including films like Maximum Overdrive (from the story Trucks), Cat’s Eye, and The Night Flier to name a few.

There’s a NEW Stephen King movie coming out starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson called 1408! I’ve read the story and it IS pretty scary. With those two playing in the 1408 movie it will probably be even creepier than the story. Rather than explaining the story for those that might not have had the opportunity to read it yet (the spoiler is below the trailer), check out the trailer for the movie.

The 1408 Movie REALLY looks cool. It’s due to be released in theaters June 22nd, just in time for my vacation right after the holiday. By that time most of the crowds will have died down (maybe?) and I will be able to check it out in comfort. I may even post a review of it here on on one of my other sites.

OK, now that I have said I won’t tell you about the story here it is!

The Horror novelist Mike Enslin played by John Cusack has been looking for a REAL paranormal even for years. He only believes what he can actually see and touch. Nothing else. His latest novel is “Ten Nights in Haunted Hotel Rooms” in which he has discredited several already and plans on doing the same at the Dolphin Hotel where he checks into suite 1408. 56 people have died in the room and Enslin is the first person to stay there in years. No one has lasted longer than an hour in room 1408 but Enslin plans on trying…

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