Karpet Killers

It’s nice to have the girls home. I slept much better last night with them here and the wife in bed. I enjoyed the quiet time, but it is much better to have them home. Have to start getting ready for work in a minute but I injured myself this morning and had to whine about it for a minute.

Dinner last night was really nice. We were all stuffed afterward, except for my smallest girls. RePete is just one of those extremely picky eaters and doesn’t eat 90% of what we fix so she ends up going hungry quite often until she gets tired of it and finally eats whatever we have made. Catering to them is not something that we particularly go out of our way to do. If they want to eat fruit or make a sandwich they are more than welcome to but that’s pretty much it.

The wife does the same thing that I do in the mornings and has her cell phone set up with an alarm for the time that she normally gets up. The only thing is that she is on vacation but hasn’t disabled it. The alarm went off a couple of minutes ago so I jumped up from my computer desk and went to run in there and grab it before it woke her up.

Most of their luggage is still sitting there on the living room floor, and I missed seeing a bag and tripped over it, catching my big toenail and snapping it bending it back. I landed on my hands and knees tearing off several layers of skin form my left knee. My big toe is hurting and now I have this nasty fucking carpet burn on my left knee that is oozing blood. Just what I wanted to go to work with. Heck, if I were one of my employees that would be enough to call in to work about, the assholes.

I have to go shower and I am sure that my knee is going to feel wonderful once soap and water hit it.