Terry Funderburk

Terry Funderburk is a roofer in South Carolina. This year he has seen a 90% loss in profits due to the fact that there are so many illegal immigrants taking jobs away from hard working blue-collar Americans. That crapola that the illegals only do the jobs that Americans won’t do is not as 100% accurate as people would like you to believe as Terry Funderburk will be the first to tell you.

This week’s Blogs 4 Borders video blogburst tells a little about Terry Funderburk as well as some other issues and crimes committed by illegals that could have been stopped before they happened if the government that takes 35% of our hard earned money had been doing what we pay them for.

Here is the video, but make sure to go over to Blogs 4 Borders and leave a comment if you agree.

Now, there are several things that Terry did wrong in his protest, but he did get his point across. Unfortunately the main stream media won’t tell you about it because they are afraid of losing the millions of illegal viewers that support them.

Think that stuff like this doesn’t effect you? Think again. The wife and I have a friend that lives in Hilton Head, SC with her children. This past week her daughter’s Jeep Cherokee was stolen, most likely by illegal aliens living in an apartment complex in the area. They have as yet to identify the three Mexicans that were seen driving it into the apartments and unless they have been busted prior to this they probably never will.

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