Wanda Nara Sex Video

Update – November 2007: It’s amazing that I am still getting hits on this topic. What do you guys think about Wanda Nara and the video? Just curious as to why the search, or are you just looking to find something to whack off too?

What part of people’s brains do they leave at home when they get drunk and have sex? “No baby, I would never share this video with anyone else, it’s just for my use at home” Bwahaha.

Now on the ‘My sex tape is on the Internet’ train is Wanda Nara, a model. This is Wanda.


Wanda joins a growing list of celebrities that now have their sex tapes spread around the net. Here is one of her modeling shoots (perfect for Thursday Thongs, but NSFW)…

You can view the video of Wanda giving a blowjob here should you so wish. Perhaps someone should clue her in to the fact that video cameras and blowjobs don’t mix, particularly when you are a celebrity.