Deputy Kills 6 Over Insult

I’ve been insulted a time or two in the past. Heck, more than that. You live and learn and brush stuff like that off. For Tyler Peterson, a Wisconsin cop, being called a worthless pig was just too much for him and he was apparently so distraught over it that he felt the need to kill six people and put a seventh in critical condition.

The youngest of his victims was 14 year old Lindsey Stahl.
This is a pretty horrible incident and I guess the questions and finger pointing will start pretty soon. I know that most police forces do psychological testing but exactly how much testing would they be able to do in a small town such as this? I live in a small town like that. Most of the officers in my community have worked in bigger towns with larger police forces and just want to be out here for the quiet, so that makes me a bit more confortable but who knows when someone is going to snap. It’s unfortunate for the victims that he had a gun with him when he did.

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