I Love The Dead

I love the dead before they’re cold
Their bluing flesh for me to hold
Cadaver eyes upon me see nothing
I love the dead before they rise
No farewells, no goodbyes
I never knew your rotting face
While friends and lovers mourn your silly grave
I have other uses for you, darling
We love the dead
We love the dead, yeah

This is just REALLY CREEPY. Make sure you have watched the first video before watching the news clip Happy


A New Jersey hospital has fired a technician who faces charges of abusing and elderly woman’s corpse. No fresh young things there, dude? The man faces 10 years in prison and will undergo a psychological exam.

Happy Halloween , oh by the way!

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    Ever see Arabs protest about the genocidal RACIST campaign to exterminate non Muzlims or Jews? Nah. They’re too busy protestin cartoons and poems scribbled by 10 year olds.

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