Daughter to be Charged in Killing 6

I wrote last week about the bodies found in Carnation, Washington. The property owner’s daughter and her boyfriend are being charged in the murders of all six.

Michelle Anderson and her boyfriend Joseph McEnroe slaughtered her parents, her brother and sister-in-law and their children on Christmas Eve. After slaughtering their parents Joseph McEnroe apologized to the two young children before shooting both in the head. Apparently they shot the children because they were afraid that they were going to turn them in.

andersonmcenroe Anderson and McEnroe drove toward Canada and then turned toward Oregon before deciding to come back and pretend to discover the bodies, which had been discovered already. According to CNN, when they arrive Wednesday the investigators were already there and began questioning them when neither member of the couple asked what had happened at the scene.

According to Barry O’Regan King County prosecutors are considering seeking the death penalty for the pair.

Killing’s too good for the pair. I firmly believe that anyone is capable of murder in the right circumstances even if it’s just a case of self-defense, but the slaughter of innocent children is unforgivable. Too bad being drawn and quartered is considered cruel and unusual because this pair deserves no less.

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