As I mentioned over the weekend prosecutors are pretty likely to close the Natalee Holloway case at the end of the year if the body is not found between now and then. CBS News’ Julie Chen interviewed the Holloway’s attorney John Q. Kelly.

Does this mean that the case is over forever and everyone is just going home? No, her father is still enroute in a search ship where they are going to be looking in areas that have not been searched yet. Even if the body were to turn up several months or years from now the case could be reopened. It just means that the Aruban government will quit expending time and money on the case. Regardless of what I and others think about how they have handled it, Aruba has expended quite a bit of time and money in this investigation.

I think that I would not have made it in the United States
Joran van der Sloot

Amigoe has an article up about Joran and his release as does Scared Monkeys. In all actuality, even though the Aruban government may have made a few blunders early on I doubt very seriously that he would have even been jailed a second time in the U.S. considering our court system. The outcome would not have been so much different than it is now, particularly without a body.

Scared Monkeys seems to think that there was a cover up in the case. I don’t know about that but they have certainly been much closer to the case and the people involved over the last two years. They had an interview with Jossy Mansur, the managing editor of Diario recently, who offers the same opinion and is planning a new investigation into the details.