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    In a move that should surprise no one, a grand jury indicted Marine Corporal Cesar Laurean for first-degree murder yesterday along with various other crimes such as ATM card theft, attempted card theft, fraud and robbery with a dangerous weapon. The initial findings from the second autopsy are showing that Maria Lauterbach’s baby was not born before it died and under North Carolina law the killing of an unborn child is not illegal, so he won’t be charged with two deaths. The military is still conducting tests though, to see if the baby’s lungs contain oxygen. If any is found it would mean that the baby took a breath and would establish life.

    North Carolina Authorities say that they are processing paperwork to ask Mexican officials help them find and detain missing Marine and murder suspect Cesar Laurean so that he can be extradited to the United States.

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    • Adam's Blog says:

      The Queen of Earmarks

      Podcast Show Notes
      Talking about Hillary’s questionable earmarks, including three that went to a minister that endorsed Hillary’s campaign.
      Then Wisconsin where the rights of Catholic Hospitals are being ignored in regards to emergency cont…

    • cardiogirl says:

      Clearly the sole reason he fled to Mexico. The punk.

    • Will MSM Give Hillary Same Treatment as Bush?

      Drudge is displaying a picture that has surfaced of Tony Rezko with the smiling Clintons, one on each side. This is important because Hillary Clinton mentioned Rezko in the last Democratic debate when she said to Senator Obama; “I was fighting …

    • The Thumb in the Economic Dike

      before I bought my first house I thought only an idiot would sign up for an adjustable rate mortgage.

    • Hurricane proof house

      Discovery Channel has launched a new program Wednesday nights at 10 pm Eastern (9 Central) called SMASH LAB.
      Last night’s episode was “Hurricane Proof House” and will be repeated Saturday Jan 26 at 10 eastern, Sunday Jan 27 at 2 am EST and 10 am …

    • “Mugger” Pledges: Will Give Money Back

      Of course, expecting something sensible from Congress is like expecting fairy dust to make pigs fly. First, you have to find the fairy dust…

    • The Conversion of St. Paul the Apostle

    • News: AQ, tech, illegals, military/blogs, & Muslims

      Have you ever given any thought to a ‘three-dimensional’ website? Look at this way, we no longer live in a world where the net is a ‘flat earth’ development. To give you a peek inside this fact, Douglas Farah has written a very informative and ch ……

    • Rosemary says:

      This is sad, sad situation. We passed a law in California (abortion central) that states if the mother CHOSE to keep the baby and someone killed the baby in the commission of a crime, he would be guilty of that murder also.
      And of course he would run to Mexico to escape the dealth penalty, so why are our borders still open??? It just does not make sense, and for that, no. I am not surprised. Leave NOTHING up to government. Send Dawg after him! ;)

    • Hillary LOVES A Man In Uniform?

      This is funny on so many levels considering Hillary’s contempt for military members in the White House during her husband’s Presidency. She treated them shabbily and with little to no respect. And now we’re supposed to believe she supports the mi…

    • Tom Cruise on Scientology and Ah …. ah …. Wow …. Y

      Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise: Scientologist. You’ve probably heard of and/or seen this video – still I had to post it. Its just too hilarious. Consider it an object lesson in why actors need script writers. In fact, the writers who are having their write…

    • Phelps Family Hate Cult to Picket Heath Ledger’s F

      I’m sure everyone has heard about the death of actor Heath Ledger at this point and don’t need me to rehash the whole situation. There are plenty of places to find the details. But in connection to this I heard someone on television this morning disc…

    • Retired Green Beret Gets Court Martial After Shooting Intruder

      The PC Free Zone is reporting that an 80-year-old retired Green Beret has been tried by his peers after shooting an intruder in his Knoxville, Tennessee home. He is the oldest member of Chapter XXXIII of the Special Forces Association.

    • Example #6969: The Low Wattage Of The Liberal Mindset

      Bookmark to:
      Hide Sites

    • This Day In History — 1998

      “Now, I have to go back to work on my State of the Union speech. And I worked on it until pretty late last night. But I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to…

    • PhotoHunt 94: Old-fashioned

      The latest PhotoHunt category from tnchick.com is “Old-fashioned” which can be interpreted as one sees fit. This week, I am featuring a Tallahassee, Florida landmark although it is actually 12 miles north of Tallahassee on Centerville Road (Leon Co…

    • British Diva Katherine Jenkins Entertains British Troops the Past Two Christmases

      They are calling her G. I. Jenkins and The New Forces Sweetheart. In her new book Time To Say Hello, Katherine Jenkins tells warm, funny and patriotic stories of spending her last two Christmases with the British Troops in Basra …. am…

    • Right Voices says:

      Maybe The Writers Strike Caused Caroline Kennedy To Reuse Her 2000 Endorsement Of Gore For Her 2008 Endorsement of Obama?!?!

      That is what my father sought to do 40 years ago in this city when he stood before you and declared the opening of the new frontier. It was not a set of promises, he said, but a set of challenges — challenges of the mind and heart and spirit…

    • Adam's Blog says:

      John McCain: Putting Mexico First?

      Podcast Show Notes
      What do we make of John McCain’s Hispanic Outreach director having a record as a proponent of open borders who served in Vicente Fox’s cabinet with the goal of insuring Mexican immigrants don’t “go native&#8…

    • Why the Story of Dellon Tyler Ward Matters

      I bet you never heard of Dellon Tyler Ward. I hadn’t until I read a little bit about him on another blog. I read it a while ago and it has bothered me every since.
      Its bothered me that I had never heard the story. It bothered me becau…

    • Cao's Blog says:

      Barack Obama, Kenya, his cousin Odinga and Islamic jihad

      I work with a young leftist who is on some committee or something raising funds for Obama. I didn’t get the chance to ask him what he thinks of Obama’s muslim past…but he came over to me and was showing me his personally-signed copy …

    • Cao's Blog says:

      former Thompson staffer; “Boycott Chuck Norris”

      This is really dumb. And it’s more along the lines of the guy who attacked Melanie Morgan. To imagine that a Thompson staffer would attempt something like this is rather disgusting. (Go over and read the comments on this thread – they’re…

    • Cao's Blog says:

      Genocide in Kenya. Does Obama know?

      Dear Friends,
      This is an article I wrote to the various world news papers hoping that they may publish it in an attempt to enlighten people about what is happening in Kenya and especially with the opposition leader who is trying to introduce genocide …

    • The Obama/Israel factor: Is there a problem waiting to happen?

      Obama seems like the dream boy to some: young, charismatic, articulate and witty.  If presidents were only selected for personality and charm, he would win handily in the race.
      But charm only goes so far, and once that runs out, Obama do…

    • Al Franken mocks a Conservative student in his typical tolerant manner

      As a humourist, comic, satirist or pundit, he has the right to mock anyone he wants.
      But Al is more.  He is now a political candidate, and as such, is it really a good thing to mock his potential constituents?  Like it or not, when …

    • Campaiging on the left: A quick round up: Slumlords and much ado about Bill!

      I am a bit late on this, but I still find it cute. After Hillary slams Obama for working for a slumlord we find a picture of her and Bill:  with the same slumlord.
      Photo surfaces of Hillary Clinton and Tony Rezko
      A photo has sur…

    • Ted Kennedy Endorces Barack Osama for the Presiden

      The Senior Senator from Massachusetts, the Honorable Teddy Kennedy has conquered Alcoholic Encephalopathy long enough to endorse the Junior Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama for the Presidency of the United States.

    • Right Truth says:

      Your Daily Political Post

      Investors Business Daily is wondering why we hear nothing from the presidential candidates about drilling for oil on American soil and off our own shores. Good question. (hat tip Steve T. at Internet Radio Network) Our dependence on foreign oil

    • Cao's Blog says:

      Rezko arrested this morning

      Antoin “Tony” Rezko was arrested at his Wilmette home this morning. (Sun-Times/AP)
      Interesting timing, isn’t it. Via the Suntimes “Judge revokes Rezko’s bond, sends fundraiser to jail”
      A businessman who has fundra…

    • 01/28/08: Power

      Liberalism is about acquiring power. Conservatism is about applying principles….

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