Updated – Brianna Denison’s Body Found!
1-24-2008 – Thus far there doesn’t seem to be much progress in the search for Brianna Denison but her family has not lost hope and vows to keep that hope alive.

So far along with the Reno Police and FBI, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the University of Nevada Reno police department has joined the investigation team.
The family has also hired two private investigators and is seeking psychics experienced with missing persons cases. They want to make sure and not rule out any options or leave any stone unturned, no matter how foolish it may seem. I would feel the same way were it one of my children.
It has been four days since Brianna’s disappearance and every day that goes by increases the unlikeliness that she will be found alive.
The last communication with Brianna was in a text message that she sent to her boyfriend in Oregon. He has been cleared as a suspect. I have not yet found out what was in the text message.
The ‘person of interest’ that was driving the Suburban has come forward voluntarily and the police have eliminated him as a suspect.
One thing that keeps coming to my mind is that there have been one kidnapping and two sexual assaults within about three blocks of the area where Brianna disappeared. So far the police are reporting that they are not related but they also happened at around the same time of night and have yet to be solved, so how the heck do they know if the crimes are related or not?
According to CNN there are about 1700 convicted sex offenders living in the county and each of them will be contacted and interviewed. 1700? Damn. As a ,matter of fact there were something like 100 registered offenders withing a one mile area of the house.


Updated 1-23-08 9:45 p.m. Police are suspecting foul play in the disappearance of Brianna Denison and a kidnapping investigation is now underway in the Reno area.

The AP is also reporting that students at the University of Nevada at Reno are concerned about their own safety in the wake of Brianna’s kidnapping


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Brianna Denison, 19, was last seen around 4 a.m. Sunday morning when she went to sleep at her friend’s house near the University of Nevada, Reno. As of right now police are treating the case as a kidnapping.

The FBI has joined the search and the Reno Gazette-Journal has this article up:

Reno police detectives have been in contact with local Federal Bureau of Investigation agents since Brianna Denison’s disappearance Sunday and said the FBI has opened its own criminal case and assigned an agent to work with the Reno Police Department. Denison was reported missing Sunday by a friend with whom she was spending the night. Denison is described as white, about 5 feet tall with long dark brown hair and blue eyes and weighing about 98 pounds. She was last seen wearing pink sweatpants and a white tank-top shirt. While a brown stuff bear with white and multi-colored balloons on the belly and about 24-inches tall was missing from the area where she was sleeping, her cell phone, purse and clothing, including two pairs of shoes had not been disturbed.

You can read more of their complete story at the link.

There are several different reasons that they are considering this a kidnapping rather than just a disappearance. They include the fact that there is a spot of what is suspected to be blood on the pillow she was using, her clothes, cellphone and purse remained at the house, sbriannahe was sleeping on a couch just inches away from an unlocked glass door (anyone looking inside would have seen her), a stuffed bear that her friend gave her to support the pillow is missing, she was due back in class today.

Brianna has been described by friends and family as being a responsible, good girl and her family is  frantically awaiting word that she’s OK.

There is a 24 hour tipline available if you have information pertaining to Brianna’s disappearance at 775-745-3521

Police are looking for the driver of a tan or light brown SUV, possibly a Suburban. The driver is approximately 45 and of Latin origin. He is not a suspect but is being sought as a person of interest that may have seen something. He was seen in the parking lot of the Sands Regency and dropped a friend off at the house where Denison was staying.

Brianna Denison is described as being 5-feet tall, 98 pounds with long brown hair and blue eyes. Her Facebook Profile is here, or at least one created to help find her. I did come across her profile earlier today and it didn’t show much publicly but this one does.  OK, I just looked in my history and the link you have their is for a Facebook Group called Find Bri. Go join if you want to help out.

From the Associated Press:

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Investigators went door to door Tuesday searching for a 19-year-old college student who they believe was kidnapped from a friend’s home over the weekend. Brianna Denison was last seen around 4 a.m. Sunday when she went to sleep on her friend’s couch after a night of partying. She slept near an unlocked glass door and used a 2-foot-tall teddy bear as an extra pillow, police said. When the friend awoke, Denison and the teddy bear were gone. Her purse, cell phone and clothes, including two pairs of shoes, were undisturbed, police said. “We have not come up with any other clues, any of the items or anything that would lead us to Brianna at this time,” police Lt. Ron Holladay. Detectives were awaiting test results on whether a stain on the pillow she was using was blood. The FBI and two investigators from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children joined the search Tuesday. Police aided by helicopters and dogs scoured the neighborhoods near the home. The search teams planned to concentrate on a park near the home before a snowstorm later Tuesday, police spokesman Steve Frady said. Family members Monday night pleaded for help and her safe return. They described Denison as caring and responsible. “It gives us a little bit of fear because that is the type of person Brianna is; she would be contacting us if she could,” her aunt, Lauren Denison, told reporters Monday night. Denison is a psychology student at Santa Barbara City College in Santa Barbara, Calif., and was back in her hometown of Reno for winter break. In the hours before her disappearance, Denison had been party-hopping at venues associated with a weekend snowboarding event, including attending a rap concert at the Sands Hotel and Casino. Investigators want to talk to a man who dropped off a friend of Denison’s at the home that night, police Lt. Robert McDonald said. The friend had approached the man at the casino for a ride after the concert, but the man did not go inside the home, he said. The man is not a suspect but is being sought for questioning. Denison’s friend, K.T. Hunter, told the Reno Gazette-Journal that the couch is against the wall of the bedroom where she was sleeping with her dog. She said that she never heard a noise and that the dog never barked. Hunter said Denison was sober the night she vanished and had planned to pack Monday to go back to Santa Barbara. Reno police Tuesday also said there doesn’t appear to be a connection between Denison’s disappearance and separate attacks late last year on two female students near the University of Nevada, Reno.

CNN also had a story up on it this afternoon, but nothing really new.

Thanks to the Jawa Report I found that the Reno Police also has a website for their hotline. They also have a link for the Facebook Group above.

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