1-22-08 Breaking News. Cesar Laurean has been sighted in Mexico.

Some newly released video shows Cesar Laurean buying shovels, paint, concrete blocks and a wheelbarrow at a Lowes Home Improvement Store two days after Maria Lauterbach was murdered. I don’t have a copy of it or a URL to post yet but most likely will on Saturday at some point. CNN got the video from America’s Most Wanted and are supposed to broadcast it during tonight’s Anderson Cooper 360.

The video shows Laurean shopping with a friend in the Lowes. Investigators say that they believe he was with someone at the store but won’t comment as to whom.

Here is a bit of the video in a report from the AP which also focuses on the media blitz that’s going on in the manhunt for Cesar Laurean.

What’s interesting is that the neighbors say that they watched Christina painting the inside of the house recently. According to investigators there are reports that she helped do some of the interior painting last month. She still hasn’t been charged in the case.

What’s up with that?

The Onslow County Sheriff’s Department says that she is a cooperating witness but obviously she was obstructing justice and was an accomplice in the deal.

I wasn’t there so I just don’t know. Was he threatening his wife Christina with bodily harm? If he was on base working they certainly weren’t there together all of the time.