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    Steven Frasch went to pick his wife up from Chicago’s O’Hare airport last week and she wasn’t there. The problem lies in that she did fly to Chicago and customs video shows that she got off the aircraft as well. So what happened after that?

    Police are assuming that Sumei Hu has left of her own accord and say that they can’t rule out the fact that she might have gotten on another plane. They also say that they aren’t sure who paid for her trip to China to visit her family family either. According to Steven Frasch it was a female friend in Sheboygan Wisconsin, but he couldn’t remember her name.
    Frasch and Hu met through an Internet dating service and have been married since 2005. According to her husband Sumei has no credit cards and little English. It seems to me that if she had been in the U.S. since at least 2005 she would have at the very least a basic understanding of the language and maybe a couple of credit cards.
    Sumei had gone home to Guangzhou China in September to visit her family including her teenage daughter from a previous marriage. The last time that Frasch spoke with his wife was five days prior to her disappearance. She was planning on leaving her cell phone with her daughter so that she could call her from the U.S.
    The whole thing just smells funny to me. I can’t really put down a concrete reason why but the facts and suppositions in the whole story just seem hokey as hell.
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    4 Comments to "Sumei Hu Missing"

    • She’s phoned home, at least. Sounds fishy to me.

    • Richard says:

      Yeah, like ET

    • Shadowscope says:

      Woman last seen at O’Hare says she’s safe

      Leslie left a comment yesterday on my short post on Sumei Hu pointing me to an article in yesterday’s Chicago Tribune. According to the Chicago PD Sumei Hu has contacted her family. Her sister-in-law told the Tribune that Hu had…

    • MB says:

      My ex is currently “buying” a new wife from China. She, too, is in her late 30’s with a teenage daughter back in China. This “dating” service is a scam on American businessmen; it costs them approximately $50K to purchase what they mistakenly assume is a submissive woman to make over into their own image. The sad thing is that these women are not well-educated, and are only too willing to have “beauty” work done on themselves in China in order to be a marketable product. They are pimped by members of Chinese organized crime, and move from husband to husband to husband; the ultimate goal to gain U.S.citizenship for themselves and their family members. My ex’s “purchase” is named Ying Ng, and her sister Jessie, who is more educated, has assisted in her “placement” with the man who I only just divorced. (He began purchasing his new bride while we were separated.) Isn’t it funny that only men do this sort of thing? Why do ugly older men assume a gorgeous woman would really love them for themselves. In my experience, it is definitely that my ex made the Chinese woman and her pimps believe he was rich, and he even purchased a house big enough to house her daughter as well.Isn’t it sad that we don’t stop this kind of human trafficking? Is anyone worried about the attempts of these women to bring in young “stock” under the guise of them being daughters?

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