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    Actually the number is 31.

    Out of the 463 children that the government of Texas removed from the FLDS ranch in Eldorado 53 of them were girls between the ages of 14 and 17. 31 of those 53 girls either already have children or are pregnant. That’s 58% of the girls. I’ve seen a bunch of bitching about how now the government is going to start going after catholics or they should be removing kids out of public schools, etc.
    There are usually at least a girl or two in each of the schools around here that end up being pregnant but that certainly doesn’t even approach the 2/3 of the teenage girls that ended up pregnant or with children at the YFZ Ranch. As has been reported, that’s more than an accident, it’s a pattern.
    The Associated Press has done more interviews and has been airing them…

    Also, according to the lawyers at the Texas Rio-Grande Legal Aid society, some of the kids have been hospitalized but nobody seems to be able to provide them with any information. Read the story for more information.

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