Now that the DNA testing has been getting done over a hundred kids have been removed from the San Angelo Coliseum and are heading into foster care across the state.

According to a spokesman for the FLDS, the temporary foster care facilities are inadequate because they don’t understand the children. I can agree with that one. It’s going to be pretty hard for these kids to adjust to life outside of the FLDS compound.

As this next video from CBS news says, the FLDS have opened a public relations web site called FLDS showing videos of the raid that took their children into custody. Right now there are about five videos and some photos as well. The videos don’t really show anything particularly disturbing. If anything I see law enforcement officials letting folks take their time and not mistreating them. If the FLDS wants photos or videos to get the American public to change their mind about what’s been going on they need to show something more than these. The one titled “No Search Warrant” is pretty striking though. It deals with the fact that our government is overstepping it’s bounds in law enforcement and interfering with our life, liberty and property. Isn’t that what the constitution is supposed to protect?
The photos and videos would probably have a bit more effect if they explained some about them. Most of what I have seen are LEOs standing around with their thumbs up their asses and that’s pretty much it.

In addition to taking DNA from the kids, the ranch residents have also been submitting to give DNA samples as well according to the local San Angelo news site.
In addition to all of this CNN is now reporting that the person of interest in Colorado Springs does own one of the telephone numbers that were used to report claims of abuse at the Texas Ranch. Oh, by the way, the woman is black, 33 years old, and lives in Colorado. Oh yeah, and she is known for making false reports of sexual abuse to police and other agencies.
ooops. Fucking ooops.
Texas authorities of course have not found anyone else that made the calls and although they now could not use any evidence gathered as a result of her phone calls, they say they have found evidence that girls as young as 13 are forced into marriages with older men at the ranch. There’s where I have a problem. I’m all for following the constitution and leaving people the hell alone, but child abuse just ain’t right.
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