Updated 9:06 PM. The below raw video is of the San Angelo coliseum where lab workers are taking DNA samples from the children held in state custody there.
More than 400 kids are supposed to undergo DNA testing today to help figure out whose kids they really are. The bottom line is that they are trying to find out which ones belong to statutory rape victims so they can charge the men. Not only that but the government doesn’t want anyone around that hasn’t been numbered and cataloged.

Now the damnable ACLU has gotten itself involved. You know, the ACLU that is about socialism and Marxism, was founded by socialists and hates success and capitalism. There I was starting to feel sorry for these folks in Texas and the ACLU comes along and gets involved.
They are claiming as others have that taking away the children from their families is unconstitutional but don’t list any specific instances of human rights or constitutional violations and won’t comment any further on the story.
Texas Child Protective Services keeps sounding like a broken record. “This is not about religion – this is about keeping children safe from abuse”.
No, it is about religion. AND child abuse. They certainly don’t need to keep lying about that part. If you are trying to get the polygamy (which I could care less about) and the child-sex to stop in a society that accepts it, how as a government do you get it to stop? Is there some education you can provide them or deprogramming you can put them through? Heck, no. You do what governments have been doing for thousands of years. If you want to stop people from doing something that is at the core of their beliefs then you stamp out the society until it no longer exists and make it even more illegal than before.
That’s the rub here. Spiritual marriages to kids as young as thirteen and polygamy are at the core of the beliefs of the FLDS and has been since before they splintered off from the Mormons back in the late 1800’s. This isn’t some lame brained idea that Warren Jeffs pulled out of his ass a few years ago. He was but the latest in a line of self-proclaimed prophets that subjugate women and children and promote the idea of rape, wife beating, forced marriages and white slavery.
I’ve read the comments a few times that “if they can do this why aren’t they removing pregnant 15-year-olds from their homes” around the country. Perhaps they should. Obviously there is something that isn’t being taught to their children. Sure, there will always be the occasional teenager that gets pregnant because they are having sex and if they do they don’t use a damned rubber but that should be the exception to the rule. What do you expect though. How can parents teach their children anything when a large portion of them are stupid and can barely read themselves?

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