Halitosis Boy

Twice in one day is just too much. Damn, I experience the blood curdling stench of feces rotting in someone’s mouth not once, but twice today. This dude just insists on talking to me in close quarters. This evening I was able to beat a hasty retreat out the back door as I told him to have a nice evening but this morning I was in the little 3×5 office paying people and he was standing in the doorway. Every time he would expound on whatever the fuck he was talking about I would flinch as the wave of nastiness blew through the office.

Today was a pretty uneventful day overall. I had a guy that’s been giving me lots of problems in one of the stores. He’s been written up several times and verbally warned even more. I suspended him for a week at one point but the dude just won’t behave. I had to fire his sorry ass today. I hate firing people but after having received several complaints from customers and his co-workers, I had to let him go.

Rather than working out today I came on home to work in the yard for awhile. I’ve planted a ton of bulbs over the last few weeks as well as strawberries but not many vegetables. The only thing I’ve put in thus far is broccoli and some tomato plants.

I also cleaned out a large portion of the leaves and stuff that has found a home in my goldfish pond over the winter. At least one of the goldfish lived through the winter 🙂 I know because he went flying with a handful of leaves but I noticed before the thing had been out too long.

Working in the yard is always good stress relief for me. I think that as long as I get to go work out tomorrow afternoon I may come home and finish cutting the grass. I started using one of the lawn services and they sprayed some fertilizer last week. After this past rain it’s just been shooting up.