Halitosis Boy

Twice in one day is just too much. Damn, I experience the blood curdling stench of feces rotting in someone’s mouth not once, but twice today. This dude just insists on talking to me in close quarters. This evening I was able to beat a hasty retreat out the back door as I told him to have a nice evening but this morning I was in the little 3×5 office paying people and he was standing in the doorway. Every time he would expound on whatever the fuck he was talking about I would flinch as the wave of nastiness blew through the office.

Today was a pretty uneventful day overall. I had a guy that’s been giving me lots of problems in one of the stores. He’s been written up several times and verbally warned even more. I suspended him for a week at one point but the dude just won’t behave. I had to fire his sorry ass today. I hate firing people but after having received several complaints from customers and his co-workers, I had to let him go.

Rather than working out today I came on home to work in the yard for awhile. I’ve planted a ton of bulbs over the last few weeks as well as strawberries but not many vegetables. The only thing I’ve put in thus far is broccoli and some tomato plants.

I also cleaned out a large portion of the leaves and stuff that has found a home in my goldfish pond over the winter. At least one of the goldfish lived through the winter 🙂 I know because he went flying with a handful of leaves but I noticed before the thing had been out too long.

Working in the yard is always good stress relief for me. I think that as long as I get to go work out tomorrow afternoon I may come home and finish cutting the grass. I started using one of the lawn services and they sprayed some fertilizer last week. After this past rain it’s just been shooting up.

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  • To: Natalie’s Mother
    I am so soory for your tribulation. What has happened to you and your daughter is a personal attrosity that is so beyound comprehension that it screams out for social reform at a global level. Ethical and moral decisions are a measure of humanities fait. The smallest of choices can generate the greatest change. I believe that you are asking Joran’s father to make such a dicision. The fact that he has failed to rise to the occasion is not cause for your apology. I understand that the people of Aruba have been protested your critsisiam of the investigation. Just remember that these protsts are about the loss of revenue, not the loss of your daughter. The authotities in Aruba are the ones who failed to protect their economy by choosing to protect their unethical citizens. YOU HAVE NO THING TO APOLIGIZE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don’t think for one secound that they will try to find Natalie or that they will change their course because of your apology. In your heart you know they won’t. They have thus far failed their moral obligation to Natalie in hopes that this will go away. I know you must be tired and broken. I am so sorry for that. Don’t give the people who have protected the boys who are responsible for this loss any way out. It is obvious Natalie was not given a way out of her misfortune. i want Joran’s father to know that he is just as responsible for his minor childs actions as if he had done them himself. We all are! Be strong! I understand that you will do or say anything to get your daughter back. Millions of dollars of tourist revenue unfortunatey mean more to the Aruban that the truth. Make them pay for their greed and selfserving choises. They will only pay for a few years. You and yours will be paying for the rest of your life.
    All My love and Prayer

  • To Natalie’s parents and stepfather,
    If you have access to a computer please look up Revelation 13.net or revelaion 13 astrology for the prophecies of the future. Under people, click Natalie Holloway. I questioned if this could be what happened to her.
    I pray for all of you in hopes you find your beautiful daughter Natalie
    Love to you all,
    J. Lay
    Orangevale, Ca.
    j. Lay
    Orangevale, Ca.

  • I want Natalees mother to know that I’ve watched this from the begining and I believe if someone is taken from this world so fast that they come back right away for a second go. It’s really wierd but I found out that I was 6 weeks pregnant a couple of weeks ago and have the strangest feeling and I can’t stop thinking about her. But I hope her mother finds some kind of closure even if not her daughter some kind of justice needs to be served.
    I wish you the best of luck in the future and my prayers are with her.
    Tamara From CA

  • To: All natalee’s friends:
    How is it that all of her friends are at a bar with her, but no one can stop her from leaving the bar with THREE men in a different country? What kind of freinds let their friend or even just
    someone they know go off with three strangers? I wouldnt even let one of my freinds leave out of a bar in the same county in which we lived. If you think about it for a while this might have been planned.
    Heather- Montevallo, AL

  • Mrs Holloway,
    I am so sorry that you have had to grieve for so long.
    I just sent an e:mail to the Aruban Tourist and I told them that they knew what happened to Natalie. How can their county sleep. They had enough on all three boys to put them behind bars and they set them free. I also asked how much were they paid to hide this. I told them that in my lifetime I will never come to their country nor tell anyone ever to go to Aruba until they step up to the plate and do the right thing.
    Tell you where Natalie is.
    I know spring break is coming up and I wonder who the next vicitms will be. A parent that would let their child go to Aruba for spring break after what has happened to your beautiful daughter Natalie. They must not care about their child.
    Any women that would have anything to do with those killers are taking their lives into their own hands.

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