More FLDS Kids Taken in Custody

All in all Texas has taken legal custody of 401 children from the FLDS compound in Texas according to CNN. They are keeping the children at a temporary shelter nearby while they do their investigation.

CBS news has a report on the investigation.

Police still haven’t found the people they are looking for, the 16-year-old girl that supposedly called them who gave birth at the ranch at the age of 15 nor the 50-year old man that she is supposedly married to. Hoax? It’s entirely possible that an opponent of the FLDS called in the complaint, knowing that this would happen.

John Llewellyn is a former deputy sheriff from Salt Lake City as well as a former polygamist himself and spoke with Katie Couric about the ‘scandal’

The Associated Press interviewed Laurie Allen, who was raised in a polygamist cult but later escaped. She exposes the struggles that women and children face in polygamist sects such as the FLDS.

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