Maybe it wasn’t a surprise to some people but it certainly surprised me since I haven’t been able to follow this the last few days. Judge Barbara Walther ruled that the over 400 kids currently under state custody will remain in state custody. She also ordered DNA testing for all of the children in order to determine who there parents are. Dayum.

There are sure to be at least a couple of appeals of the ruling and once the DNA testing is finished many of the separate cases will be back before the court. The DNA testing will also be used as evidence in the cases where children under 16 are the mothers.
Police still haven’t located the girl that supposedly called but they are looking into a Colorado woman as a person of interest who may have done so as a hoax. It doesn’t really matter because it just means that any evidence found by the police as a result of those specific phone calls might have to be excluded. Probably not though since the officers were acting in good faith, which is what the 4th amendment is meant for.

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