6 throughts on "Tramp Stamp Tuesday"

  1. You just might be right. I would of asked but her boyfriend was nearby, younger, bigger and uglier than myself. I thought it prudent to keep my mouth shut. Oh yeah, and keep the wife between myself and the subject of my photo for a bit of camouflage 🙂

  2. This is the funniest thing I’ve ever read on your blog man. It’s so funny to me how chicks think tattoos are cool. The classic tramp stamp is the butterfly on the lower back. LOL

  3. hey…. how can you explain the fact, that casey anthony was using the name zenida.. or zanny the nanny.. way back in 2006, to her friends and family..in fact, jesse grund stated in his lie detector test..that casey would say caylee was with zenida..
    soooo… doesnt it seem like an extreme coincidence that an ACTUAL person named zenida would show up at saw grass apts…?…
    i suppose casey could of picked her name out 2 years ago.. but how could she know the woman would end up at an apt complex near her home?…
    anyhow.. just food for thought..

  4. She was using the name. So what. Not a single person in her family or her friends have ever met the nanny, has her phone number or address. That’s pretty fucking weird if you ask me. The point is kind of moot now anyway considering she has been indicted for murder.

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