Tramp Stamp Tuesday

You could just barely see the hint of this girl’s tramp stamp from the ren fest two weeks ago.

Georgia Rennaisance Festival 045

I was afraid to ask her to lower her skirt because the stretch marks might have hit me and broken my camera…

Speaking of stretch marks I have been busting my ass working out and I am starting to feel much better but I damn sure aren’t losing any weight. Gonna have to start putting pictures of myself up on manboob mondays pretty soon…

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  • Ya know being a fat person, I have to agree with all comments because I get unnerved when women wear skimpy ass clothing when they shouldn’t. I’m one of those peoples right now and I wear clothes to cover me up, the most I show is my legs below my knees.


  • I think that regardless of what size you are, you need to wear clothes that fit and complement your body. There are plenty of attractive people that don’t have ‘perfect’ bodies, they just take care to look nice.


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