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  • Uncategorized 15.05.2008

    Apparently there is a banner ad running on some of the Islamic web sites known to post messages from Al Qaeda and Bin Laden.
    Can’t someone find this piece of crap and put a bullet in his head?
    According to CNN:

    “To the western nations, soon, God willing, A new speech by the Lion of Islam Sheikh Osama Bin laden, The reasons of the struggle in the 60th anniversary of the Israeli Occupation,” the banner reads.
    It was not known whether the message would be audio or video or when it might be posted. In the past, messages were available from an hour to two days after the initial posting.

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    3 Comments to "Bin Laden Message Soon?…"

    • tnchick- says:

      Is that message legit? Ugh… I guess so if it’s from CNN…
      On another note, they had a K graduation with cap & gown 14 years ago? My son (who is in 4th grade now) didn’t have a cap & gown graduation… and neither did I. My son just had a small ceremony. I don’t reall any type of ceremony for me LOL.
      My kids go to the same small town school I did (really small, one class per grade) and I think it’s too neat they now do the cap & gown ceremony. It was TOOO cute. It’s the first time I’ve ever witnessed a graduation like that other than for high school grads.

    • Richard says:

      I graduated from Kindergarten in 1970 or 71. I think I may have at least one photo here. That would be a good one to post. Anyway, we did it in cap and gown.

    • Scott R. says:

      Who cares that Bin Laden either leaves or is about to leave a message! Quit running stories about him. The man is a loser and a two bit thug. Just stop it please.

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