Tramp Stamp Tuesday

No matter how tired I may be, I knew I had to schedule this one. I wouldn’t forgive myself if I forgot to post the weekly tramp stamp. 🙂

This one started at the bottom but there really wasn’t anything very visible to shoot so I just got the top of the dragon.

Georgia Rennaisance Festival 053

Heck, we are gonna make this week a twofer tuesday tramp stamp!

Anyway, I am sitting in the office of one of my stores on Sunday and one of the waitresses comes in to get paid. As she’s leaving I said, “Hey, let me take a picture of your tattoos”! She asked what I was going to do with the picture and I told her “put them on the Internet” Everyone laughed and she said OK.



The image quality ain’t all that great but I had to take it with the Blackberry.

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  1. Hell yeah dude! That is a GREAT story. She had no idea you were freikin’ serious. I love it! Tramp Stamp Tuesday is my favorite post every week. Thanks Richard!

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