Nothing says summer like a hot girl in a bikini unless it’s several of them at the same time. One of the nice things about Carrollton is West Georgia College, or as it’s known now, State University of West Georgia. It was just a college when I went. Running from the back of the campus about three quarters of a mile to Maple Street is South Street. The closest piece of property to the college on South Street is an apartment complex that is pretty much strictly college students. The wife and I looked at them when we first moved out here in the late eighties and decided on a duplex on the other side of town instead, mainly because of the rent.

Anyhow, just as soon as it starts to get warm the girls break out the swimwear and start working on their tans. As you drive down South Street they lie out most of the day right off the road. VERY nice scenery. They would also lay out on campus in Love Valley, which is sort of a hollow that was half wooded and half grassy area right near the student center. I don’t know what it is about womens bathing suits that are so attractive but nicely done swimwear or lingerie is often sexier than no clothes at all.

While I am partial to a nice string bikini, I don’t complain when I get to look at them, wether it’s a one piece christina swimwear outfit or just a t-shirt and cutoff shorts.