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Anyone want some stew?

We noticed this thing lying in the driveway yesterday morning so of course I had to go out and get a picture. By the time I left yesterday evening the damned thing was pretty nasty.

There is an area outside of my parking lot between the main road and the restaurant that sinks down and a culvert is at the bottom. It’s pretty overgrown and I’m sure the damned thing crawled out of there. I don’t know but it was pretty big and looked poisonous. Anyone know what kind of snake it is?

It’s nice to be able to carry a camera around besides my phone. While I have to wait until I get home to post photos, they are much better. It will be cool when phone cameras eventually catch up to the high resolution of some of the pocket cameras around. Speaking of which, the wife and girls got me a Nikon Coolpix for Father’s Day. I still love my Canon but I am able to keep this thing in my pocket all og the time so I can get decent pictures of stuff to blog on.

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  1. It actually looks like a corn snake.
    Harmless to humans..eats rodents and the like.
    I’d be more than willing to bet this guy was Non-Venomous.

    I’da like to have gotten a really close (and fresher) look at the little fella.


    I do love snakes so.
    About as much as bats. 😀

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