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Back when I was about 20 a bunch of my co-workers and myself decided that we wanted to go to Lake Lanier for an afternoon of hanging out on the lake. No problem right? We rented one of those big old pontoon boats and got out on the lake. We drank and swam and drank and drove the boat around.

Late in the afternoon we decided to head on back. We had all been drinking, some of us a bit more heavy than others and the driver was going a bit too fast. As I understand it you can’t go too terribly fast on a pontoon boat and you have to be real careful about hitting wake and stuff. Apparently we WERE going too fast and hit a wave from where a previous boat had been going across our path. The boat went almost vertical and we were all thrown to the end, some of us in the water. A couple of folks had minor injuries but that was about it.

Of course the boat wouldn’t run after that and we ended up getting a tow back to the marina. We were extremely lucky that nobody was hurt worse or even killed. I didn’t think about it at the time but operating under the influence is a much bigger deal than you would think.

There are boating safety courses that you can take and a ton of Boating Education information is online as well. Take a look at some of the resources about Boating Operating Under the Influence if you have a couple of minutes.

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  • So do you think they ought to arrest the wife? I mean, c’mon, seriously blood spattered house, recently painted. Large, guilty looking bare spot in the back yard….. Yes she turned over a letter (full of B.S.), but it doesn’t sound like she’s been too cooperative really. If she HAD been cooperative, her house would be wired for sound and the police would KNOW whether or not he’s made contact!
    I am going to be completely and utterly disgusted if this guy succeeds in blaming this very lovely young woman (and unborn child) for her own demise, playing the I’m-just-a-stupid-male-and-she-was-asking-for-it sympathy card, and gets off on manslaughter or something equally heinous.
    So where are the other Marines who harassed and keyed the car of the deceased? Are they free to come and go, as if nothing has happened?? I hope the Marine Corp takes this seriously, because I know of a couple of very good men who are no doubt spinning in their graves right now.

  • I do think the wife is involved. It’s possible that she was an accessory after the fact and it may be that she reached a deal with the police prior to turning over her information. I just don’t know yet. I do know that she came forward as soon as he disappeared and am sure that the police are still watching her every move.
    I don’t see him getting off on any kind of reduced charge now. Since her head was bashed in with a blunt instrument that pretty much does away with the suicide defense. It’s pretty damned hard to pick up something heavy enough to bash your head in and then proceed to do it. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.
    I am sure that if she actually reported the harassment they were dealt with. That is if she actually reported it to anyone besides her family. The Marine Corps can’t take care of harassment if they don’t know about it. Why wouldn’t they be free to come and go if they have been punished. They certainly aren’t the ones that killed her. Harassment of any kind is a serious matter and there has to be consequences but jail is a bit far-fetched just because someone is an asshole.

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  • Yes, he’s in Mexico
    Also the Death Penalty is now out:
    “Hudson said he has asked through the State Department that Laurean be arrested if he is found in Mexico. But he said he had “no other option” but to take the death penalty off the table if Laurean is found there.
    Mexico has a longstanding record of refusing to extradite suspects to the United States if they face a possible death sentence upon conviction. Video Watch what cousin has to say about Cpl. Cesar Laurean »
    “I had to agree not to seek the death penalty,” Hudson said. “My hands were tied if I wanted to bring him here to face murder charges.”
    He added, “It was very frustrating and disappointing.””

  • Many things don’t make sense….
    I have noticed reading online, it was mentioned that she went to his house and that she left a note at her house and took some things. If you think about it, Laurean could have gone ro her house and promised her he was leaving his wife or say something that she would believe in order to leave a note and/or pack her things. Or maybe he left the note and packed her things trying to make it look like it was her. She wouldn’t go to his house, which doesn’t make sense and for her to slit her own throat after she bought ticket to El Paso. Didn’t anyone in the neighborhood see anything different or odd, different cars parked there, different men/people? Maybe someone she worked with is from El Paso. For her to go to Laurean’s house someone had to have been with her. Laurean told his wife Lauterbach came over to tell him she was leaving. Lauterbach accused him of raping her, she wouldn’t go to his house to say something stupid like that and then slit her throat! His wife may believe it, but I don’t!
    The ticket was bought for El Paso TX, she doesn’t have relatives there, but he might. He might have friends there to help him hide! Laurean could have told lauterbach to go there and he will follow or something. Was there video camera’s that showed it was her not Laurean not his wife or someone else pretending to be her? Or maybe that was his plan to make it look like she went AWOL. At 7/8mo pregnant, you are not able to fly and shouldn’t be able to take a bus, sitting for many hours is not good. There had to be video camera’s around the Greyhound, they should be looking everywhere maybe he was there with her or someone else telling her what to do. The clerk said he saw her drive off and didn’t see anyone with her, but then it was mentioned her car had been there ever since Dec 14. Again there should be video camera’s to see who was driving.
    When Sgt. Durham got home and got the note, he said he called her sister and took it to his superiors, but it took the mother to report her missing 5 days later. That doesn’t make sense, if he called her sister wouldn’t that make her call her mom to report her missing or call the next day for that 24hr mark? Wouldn’t the military say she was AWOL? My husband is AD, when someone doesn’t show up for work, or they leave a note and/or suicide note they are considered AWOL ASAP and a search begins to look for them. Maybe Marines are different, or maybe he didn’t tell anyone. For the note, Laurean could have wrote or anyone else for that matter. He worked with her everyday, he had enough time to practice her writing.
    I think he planned everything and his wife knew about it or was in on it. She could have told him she didn’t believe he didn’t rape Laurean and wanted him to prove it? Or to prove how much she loves her (his wife) by killing lauterbach. Here they are married and both active duty, it would be odd for only one to show up to a party. People had to be asking where he was at, wonder what his wife told them? And is it the same info she told the police? So after the party she went home? Wouldn’t there be blood on ceiling? Wouldn’t she have noticed the backyard? How can you sleep in a house after you know your spouse just killed someone in your home? Here she painted the livingroom, so she is helping her husband cover up evidence and she helped helped him disappear. Who cares if she is helping the police, she should be charged with accessory to murder. She knows more than she is telling the police. She knows where he is going. Where was their daughter in all of this?
    Here he is in Mexico saw his cousin. His cousin said Laurean came to his store, they talked for a few minutes, but Laurean said he had to go cuz he had friends waiting for him outside. Who were these friends? Did the cousin know his friends, or see them? His friends are helping him hide.
    It was mentioned they had a BBQ with friends over. Now was it the same friends that helped hide the body, helped kill her, keyed her car, etc. All the reports she filed whatever happend to them? Did Laurean have friends to get rid of the reports? Why wasn’t her case taken seriously? Did anyone ever investigate? Take pictures of her keyed car?

  • Some of them don’t make sense, maybe one or two of the items I can clear up.
    Although she had accused him of raping her, if he had offered her money or some other type of settlement she might have been willing to go meet with him, or he may have forced her to go to her house. It was mentioned in a couple of stories that she went to his house, left to buy the bus ticket, and then returned to the house. I personally think that he forced her to buy the ticket.
    Video cameras at Greyhound? Have you ever ridden Greyhound? The station in Atlanta might or might not have a couple but there certainly aren’t any cameras in the terminal area. and there are so many people you wouldn’t have seen anything anyway. Greyhound stations, while favored by a lot of the military for it’s cheapness (that’s how my son and most of his buddies got back and forth from home to Camp LeJeune) it is favored by quite a few of the ‘unwashed masses’. Bums, homeless, jobless, people down on their luck, etc. Each of the stations in metropolitan areas have quite a few homeless and bums hanging around asking for handouts and smokes. The last time I picked up my son it was pouring down rain and cold and there were still 15-20 of them wandering around asking for change.
    The military did say she was missing and did look for her. While they do search and check their living premises, the don’t generally go out and comb the countryside looking for bodies. It happens too often for them to do something like that.
    From everything I have read, his wife wasn’t in on it until after the fact. I have wondered myself why she wasn’t in jail. She did help paint over the blood, she had to know that the girl had been killed in her house. It is entirely possible that she believed the girl had killed herself there as Laurean said, at least initially. Since he had been accused of rape several months before, it is probable that he had been filling his wife with lies for several months. If he kept referring to the ‘crazy girl’, then suicide is just one more step down that road. As far as no charges being filed, I have to assume that she has been given immunity in exchange for her testimony against him.
    The cousin didn’t say there were any friends. He said that Laurean claimed to be there with friends, obviously he lied.
    I haven’t read anything about a BBQ, do you have a link to that so that I can see what they have to say?

  • I meant to answer the last part as well, about the rape.
    All of the reports are still there. Nobody has reported them missing and nobody has gotten rid of them. While the Marines could have moved a bit faster on it, civil rape cases sometimes move even slower. The prosecution and defense take forever to have their cases ready. From what I understand, she complained about harrasment on the base, as well as having her car keyed, as you mention. I don’t know that she took pictures of the car but other than filing a police report, what are you going to do about having your car keyed? Shit happens and there’s no way of figuring out who keyed your car.
    According to the Naval investigators there was no evidence to support her claim of rape, but her regimental commander felt like there was enough for a hearing. Perhaps he felt that just the way Laurean acted would be enough to prove that he raped her. Either way, the hearing was moving forward and was actually scheduled to take place shortly after she was reported missing, one of the reasons Laurean may have acted when he did.

  • The report of the BBQ is all over the internet, the next door neighbor is the one credited with that. Here is one link:
    Why don’t guys ever take the harassment thing seriously? You always get harassed during these things, it’s to beat you down, discredit you in the eyes of other people, and to isolate you. That way the guy gets to have his cake, eat it too, and rub your face in it for good measure. It’s as predictable as the tides.
    I’m telling you, this POS is going to get away with this, you watch! Oh well, there’s always the guys in prison…. Hope he drops his soap a lot!!
    Another thing, when you are 8 months along and sick a lot of the time you don’t just go trotting off alone with people who have a history of harming you. That girl would have been taken by force. I hate to say it but I think the timing also has a bit to do with catching her at a vulnerable stage. He’s kind of short and seems to be a bit of a pack animal.
    Christina is 24, right? He’s 21? Their daughter is 18 months? So she had a few years on him at a critical stage, and he doesn’t seem to have acclimatized too well here anyway if he actually thought that he could do this and no-one would notice. In Mexico girls vanish all the time and no-one says anything (Well nothing except to blame Chupacabra). Christina should have put a halt to this a LONG time ago, instead it looks like she just went along and tried to cover it all up. Bit short sighted, don’t you think?

  • Somebody is helping this guy, oh! yes! Besides the trainig that he has, he is getting well there in Mexico. Who is giving him money? What kind of ID’s he has? Does he posses a Mexican Passport? Whit hat he can fly to anywhere outside of Mexico to another Spanish speaking country and work in labor jobs. How old he was when he moved to US? Where is his family? They will help him to get away with this, bealive me. They wont care if he is guilty.

  • I agree with you Karla. Somebody is definitely helping him.
    Thanks for the links Vicki. It was a pretty long week at work so I have bookmarked them. I like the websleuth’s board, going to have to spend some time over there.