Tramp Stamp Tuesday

I don’t know that the shorts could get much smaller and tighter…

photo by: S1lvers Family

Is that even legal?

Zemanta Pixie

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  • thank you so much for your care and concern of this case i feel that you are so right in many things are one of the only ones responding that isnt blaming anyone but them. you see i am “lindsey”s maternal cousin and grew up with him until the day he moved to new york and for him to allow his attorney (i use that term loosely) to place blame on us here that she spent her summers with is making me utterly sick to my stomach. as the family has steted before if we had known the conditions and what was happening there is no way she would have gone home but she was a very sweet and loving girl who wouldnt tolerate a bad thing being said about anyone, so if we did ask her something or make a comment she would tell us its not nice to say mean things and change the subject. please feel fre to email me if you need further proof of who i am ia m glad to give it and again thank you for your compassion for Erin and the rest of our family (minus the trash we may have to put out if things turn out the way we thinnk they will)