Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Update August 29th 10:50PM – Casey has been rearrested for writing bad checks.
Updated August 29th 5:33PM
Casey Anthony’s bond revoked, to return to jail on Saturday?
Updated August 28th 2008 5:25PM
Tests show that a decomposing body had been kept in Casey Anthony’s Trunk. More details here.

Latest updates can be found here.

Unless you live in a fucking tree you pretty much have heard of Caylee Anthony or maybe just her mother Casey who has been cooling her heels in an Orange County Florida Jail for a month now for Child Neglect, Making False Official Statements and Obstructing a Criminal Investigation.
Leonard Padilla from California flew out to Orlando earlier this week with a couple of associates to try and bail Casey out of jail. After having surmounted some obstacles it looks as if she will be going home, even if temporarily. She is going to be fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet and will be on house arrest and will be getting out of jail at some point after 8am, most likely between noon and 3pm. It’s only been a matter of time because of the way the system works. You know, innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Whatever your personal opinions of Casey Anthony she has the same rights that are afforded to me and you and it is unconstitutional to keep her in jail until she is convicted.
Personally I think she is going to try and get an immunity deal in exchange for telling the court exactly what happened with Caylee Anthony, but Padilla along with others insist that they think she may still be alive and they are going to try and locate her. More power to them, I really and truly hope that they do.
Here’s what’s hard for me though. I truly believe in our system and as I stated above Casey has every right to be free until convicted but when’s Caylee coming home to her house and her bed? Sometimes the system I believe in pisses me off but it’s the best thing we have.
Anyhow, enough of my feelings on this…
There is a pretty interesting discussion going over at MSN groups about the Anthonys. Supposedly some of these folks that are posting know the Anthonys personally and seem to be airing all of the dirty laundry there. I won’t get into it, you’ll just have to head on over and check it out. Seems Cindy Anthony’s brother (unverified) is posting there as well.
I will update this later if I get the chance. I am about sick of reading about it tonight and may just watch some television.

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