Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Updated October 10th – The Grand Jury is currently meeting and will decide whether to indict her on Homicide Charges. More updates can be found here.
Updated September 6th – New Evidence in the Caylee Anthony case?
Updated September 5th – I have reopened the comments but Caylee Anthony updates are to be found as always on the main page.
Update August 29th 10:50PM – Casey has been rearrested for writing bad checks.
Updated August 29th 5:33PM
Casey Anthony’s bond revoked, to return to jail on Saturday?
Updated August 28th 2008 5:25PM
Tests show that a decomposing body had been kept in Casey Anthony’s Trunk. More details here.

Latest updates can be found here.

Update – August 24th 4:30PM
According to WESH in Orlando Caylee Anthony’s family wants some peace. Larry Garrison, the spokesman for the family says that Casey Anthony is trying to help her family find Caylee but Cindy and George Anthony are upset with the continuing media coverage that is mainly focusing on the woman’s possible role in Caylee Anthony’s disappearance. Waa fucking waa. Someone call the fucking waahmbulance. Considering that Casey Anthony has done nothing whatsoever to show in any way shape or form that she’s NOT responsible for Caylee’s disappearance or death what the hell do think is going to happen in the media?

I’ve stepped back a bit the last couple of days and haven’t really written much about Caylee Anthony or her mother Casey, who is now out on bail.
There hasn’t been a single useful bit of news to come out of the search for Caylee this week unfortunately. Just reports on her mother, what she is doing and where she has been. I’ll post some of the links here so you can do more reading if you are interested.
There are several caveats to Casey Anthony’s bond which include the fact that she has to wear an electronic ankle bracelet, she has to live with her parents, she cannot travel and as a matter of fact she can’t go ANYWHERE without previously notifying the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. Yesterday Casey was scheduled to visit her lawyer’s office from 10am to 4pm and they ended up having to call for an extension to the visit until 5:30 and another for an additional 45 minutes because of rain and traffic. The Orange County Corrections Department stated that this was a one-time extension and they won’t be doing it again.
According to Larry Garrison, the Anthony’s spokesman, Casey is now talking freely and helping them with new leads into the disappearance of little Caylee as well as providing details she couldn’t give in jail. Too bad she’s not talking freely and sharing information with law enforcement, the people that are actually looking for Caylee Anthony.

“There is no doubt that this child has been kidnapped,” said spokesman Larry Garrison, who would not elaborate.

Yeah. Right.
Mr. Garrison also issued a press release from Cindy Anthony, the victim’s grandmother:

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At what cost are you going to allow this media frenzy to affect my husband, my son and our well-being? All you want is your next picture. I refuse to see you cast aside the search for Caylee.

You know, she has a point, but if Casey Anthony would just attempt to utter the truth and tell law enforcement what happened to Caylee the media frenzy would be over. Except for the trial of course.
We heard all of this talk from the family as well as Larry Garrison, Leonard and Tony Padilla about getting Casey out of jail so that they could find Caylee. Jan Barrett wants to know when the hunts going to start and I sure as heck would like to know as well.

After we heard for a week from Leonard and Tony Padilla about how they wanted to get Casey out of jail and how they were going to stay with her 24/7 and make her talk, Jose Baez, the attorney ordered Casey not to speak to anyone, including the Padillas about the case. Now that they did their part and got her bailed out of jail I think that the Anthonys are pretty much finished using Leonard Padilla and although they are staying in an RV parked outside of the Anthony home they are pretty much finished providing any type of help other than security. Leonard did tell FOX news reporters that their interest in this case will end if the DNA tests come back showing new evidence that would bring more charges against Casey. So does that mean they will rescind their bond and go home? Right after this whole deal started Leonard Padilla said he would give an email interview but I guess with dealing with Greta and the rest of the big boys he has decided that us little opinionated bloggers just aren’t worth his time and has been pretty much blowing me off.
Orange County law enforcement are waiting now for evidence from the FBI crime lab including soil samples and tangible signs of decomposition.

Dr Richard Weinblatt has an interesting article up over at PoliceOne.Com about what law enforcement can learn from the Caylee Anthony case and he’s right on the money about that. If law enforcement agencies aren’t communicating well with the ‘media’ then someone is going to step in to fill the void including snake-oil salesmen like Garrison, Padilla and the ‘Body Hunters’ (who incidentally also completely ignored my request for an interview as well). Too busy dreaming or some shit I guess.
I also wanted to repost an article here that I came across over at the FBI website yesterday afternoon. It doesn’t specifically have ANYTHING to do with the search for Caylee Anthony but it is about crimes against children. Here it is:

Protecting the ‘Most Vulnerable Among Us’

The exploitation of children has unfortunately become a “growth industry,” according to FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, but the Bureau is “working every day to find and stop those who prey on our children.”
Speaking recently at the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center Crimes Against Children Conference, Mueller noted how pervasive these crimes have become. “In just the past decade, we have moved from lone predators with limited reach to global communities of pedophiles on the Internet,” he said. “We have moved from back-alley bookstores to criminal enterprises that treat children as merely another commodity for sale in the global marketplace. We have moved from videos in plain brown packages to encrypted websites, flash drives, and cell phones capable of storing thousands of images.”
How big is the problem? A recent five-day sweep of 16 cities conducted through our Innocence Lost program, which identifies and disrupts child prostitution rings, resulted in the arrests of 389 people and the recovery of 21 children.
Earlier this week, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California capped an eight-month, first-of-its-kind investigation by the Bureau and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement by charging 52 defendants with possession of child pornography. The defendants were allegedly using peer-to-peer Internet networks to exchange graphic images and videos.
And these are just two examples–there are many more. But while the scope of the problem is vast, Mueller said, “we are using new tools, new technology, and new partnerships” to help put a stop to crimes against children.
The Bureau battles crimes against children on several fronts, with partnerships that range from local police departments to private Internet service providers to global law enforcement organizations. For instance:

  • * Innocence Lost program features 24 task forces and working groups around the country involving federal, state, and local law enforcement and U.S. Atttorney’s Offices. Our Innocence Lost Child Prostitution Database puts more than 17,000 records of children and predators at the fingertips of investigators. According to Mueller, since the program began in 2003, we have–together with our partners–recovered 433 children, convicted 308 criminals, and dismantled 32 criminal organizations.
  • * Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Teams move quickly in critical cases when a child is missing. “In the past two years,” Mueller said, “these teams have been deployed 33 times to assist state and local law enforcement, with 15 children safely recovered.”
  • * Innocent Images National Initiative targets predators who use the Internet to exploit children. Investigators may pose as children or collectors to lure predators into the open. Or coordinate with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to identify children and adults featured in child pornography. Or train police officers to investigate cases in their own jurisdictions.

In the end, though, the battle against those who prey on children is often a frustrating one. Said Mueller, “There are days…when it seems there are more predators than police officers, prosecutors, and child advocates combined. But these predators cannot match our dedication.”
He added, “We reaffirm our commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us. We reaffirm our commitment to sweeping sexual predators off the street, off the Internet, and out of our children’s lives.”
Crimes Against Children webpage

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