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…actually it’s more of a lack of any kind of updates in this story. Hopefully within the next 48 hours after the story airs tonight we will get more information from some of the great folks that watch.
I haven’t heard much in the way of what is going on in the Gonzalez investigation and had to hunt just to find any news. Sucks how much other cases are in the news but this one is basically buried.
Via Trench Reynold’s Gonzalez posts (one of the few writing about hime) I came across this story over at the Boston Globe by Jonnelle Marte. Police are still assuming that Giovanni is alive and Thursday the 28th about 25 investigators from local police, FBI and the state police met to discuss their strategy and what they need to be doing.

“We are pursuing it that he is still alive,” Lynn Police Captain Mark O’Toole said during a news conference yesterday about Giovanni Gonzalez, who was reported missing Aug. 17 by his mother two days after she dropped him off at the home of his father, Ernesto L. Gonzalez Jr., 36. “We have nothing at this time to suggest otherwise.”
Investigators have been distributing a missing person flier that will be aired tomorrow on “America’s Most Wanted,” a move detectives hope will draw national attention to the case. The flier shows a picture of a smiling Giovanni beside a police photo of his father, a Puerto Rican native with a dark goatee.

I’m glad that the folks from America’s Most Wanted have taken an interest in it and am planning on watching. Don’t know if anything new will show up but you never know. I don’t have a copy of the flier and haven’t seen one on the net yet but once I get hold of a copy I will post it here.

“We don’t know whether he’s still in Lynn, whether he’s still in Massachusetts,” O’Toole said of the boy at yesterday’s news conference at police headquarters. “We don’t know who he might be with.”
O’Toole said police have no evidence to suggest the boy has been taken out of the country.
Detectives who searched the father’s apartment became alarmed when they found a blood-stained mop and blood on the cap of a cleaning product, both of which were tested. Steve O’Connell, a spokesman for Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett, maintained yesterday that he could not discuss the blood test results because the investigation in ongoing. Investigators received the results Wednesday.

Some of the other items taken from the apartment that I listed a couple of posts ago include the aforementioned mop and cleaner, a knife, toys and lighter fluid. Knife and lighter fluid? Damn.
Something else I wasn’t aware of was the fact that Daisy Colon and Ernesto Gonzalez apparently had a verbal agreement to keep on having scheduled visits until the middle of September when they were to return to court to work out custody and visitation rights. I wonder that the father was worried that he might lose visitation?
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