Laurean Extradition Up In The Air?

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I mentioned the other day that I wasn’t sure where the Cesar Laurean extradition was standing and now that an intern at the DA’s office has been arrested neither do they. Apparently Robert Sharpe from Jacksonville, North Carolina was arrested and charged with embezzlement and misdemeanor larceny for taking files in the murder case against Lauren and trying to sell them to the highest bidder.
He apparently took about 6,000 pages and 30 computer disks (they still use those?) of files, reports and other documents while he was working in the Onslow County DA’s office. He was making copies for Dick McNeil, Cesar Laurean’s defense attorney and took them then.
Sharpe, a former Marine, was arrested Friday morning about 2 a.m. outside of District Attorney Dewey Hudson’s office with a bunch of folders and CDs. They have searched his car and house but haven’t found any other copies.
Apparently the dumbass mentioned on a local newspaper’s blog that he had access to the Laurean information. Don’t make them much dumber than that I suppose. It’s assholes like this and Laurean that give the Corps a bad name. They shame the men that are serving and that have served.

Intern Arrested For Trying To Sell Files In Marine Murder Case
Sat, 16 Aug 2008 15:05:02 GMT
Amy Beeman – AHN Lafayette, N.C. (AHN) — An intern at North Carolina’s District Attorney’s office was arrested Friday after trying to sell confidential information to an undercover officer.
Robert Paul Sharpe, 33, was charged with embezzlement and misdemeanor larceny after investigators learned he was attempting to sell 6,000 pages of information and 30 discs of files that have been compiled in the investigation of the alleged murder of one marine by another earlier this year.
The files held information regarding the case of Marine Cpl. Cesar Laurean, who is accused of killing eight-month pregnant Lance Cpl. Maria Lauterbach and burying her burned body in his backyard. Laurean fled the United States when investigators began to question him in Lauterbach’s disappearance. He was arrested after being discovered living in a small village in Mexico.
The intern, Sharpe, had access to the documents because he made copies for Laurean’s defense attorney. Onslow County District Attorney Dewey Hudson told reporters that he is shocked and regretful at the theft, but is grateful to investigators for discovering the leak. He also said he is confident no information was actually leaked.
Sharpe was released on an unsecured $10,000 bond.
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Dick McNeil has tried to contact Mexican authorities, as has Dewey Hudson, to see where the extradition process stands but apparently he’s having a hard time getting any answers and nobody wants to press the Mexican government as they are afraid Mexico won’t extradite him if they get too pushy.
From what I was reading over at WNCT the main thing that the DA’s office is worried about is for some Mexican judge to think there is corruption in Onslow County and decide that Laurean wouldn’t receive a fair trial by sending him back.
Cesar Laurean is the asshole that murdered U.S. Marine Maria Lauterbach back in December and then fled to Mexico.

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