The Natalee Holloway Movie?

Natalee Holloway

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Apparently a dutch company has plans to make a movie “loosely based” on the disappearance of the Alabama girl who disappeared and was most likely killed in Aruba in 2005.

The Hollywood Reporter
AMSTERDAM — Dutch producer Hans Pos (Shooting Star Film Company) has announced plans for a Dutch feature film loosely based on the disappearance, and possible murder, of the U.S. student Natalee Holloway in 2005 on Aruba, one of the islands in the Dutch Antilles.
The case attracted a lot of publicity in the Netherlands and the U.S., as the main suspect was filmed with a hidden camera by crime reporter Peter R. de Vries, for a program for SBS Broadcasting of the Netherlands, which was subsequently nominated for an Emmy Award.
Pos will base the film, which he will also direct, on the crime novel “Vuurkoraal,” written by Dutch journalist Annet de Jong. Screenwriter Simon de Waal is currently working on the adaptation. Pos plans to release the film in 2009.

It’s only been a matter of time before they did it, I think everyone knew that. At least they waited three years. It would be nice if they would donate a portion of the proceeds to something like Texas Equusearch or one of the Missing Children networks.
Hopefully they will portray Joran as the scum-sucking piece of shit that he is as well.

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