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Lots of information on this weeks updates below. Head over to AMW to get more information on any of them using the links provided if you want to go straight to that page.

Hiers_Dan_lg1.jpgDan Hiers: Dan Hiers — a former cop as well as an accused murderer and child molester — is on the U.S. Marshals’ 15 Most Wanted List, and John Walsh has added him to his Dirty Dozen list — the notorious group of fugitives he wants to see taken off the streets the most. Cops say he killed his wife, stole her truck, and fled three years ago, and he hasn’t been seen since.

hyatt_lg1.jpgRoy Hiatt: Cops say Roy Stephen Hyatt is a convicted sex offender on the run who still has an appetite for children. Police are looking for him on charges of downloading, possessing, and possibly distributing child pornography.

Garcia_prim_lg.jpgDionne Garcia: After several years of hard work, the Chicago FBI’s Joint Task Force on Gangs was able to indict 52 people in relation to the manufacture and distribution of PCP on the streets of the Windy City. Of all those indictments, only two people remain on the run. Agents say Dionne Garcia fled after being charged, probably with her common-law husband and their four children.

PHONELOPEZ_lg.jpgJose Orlando Lopez: Jose Orlando Lopez has been deported twice for crimes committed in the U.S., and authorities still can’t seem to get rid of him. They say Lopez has so little respect for this country that he raped a stranger on a busy street in New York. Police believe he’s running from his latest charges from 2004 to prevent being deported, again.

primary_large.jpgTaizhi Cui: In October 2006, Los Angeles’ Korean community was shocked by a triple murder that happened in their own backyard. Cops say the deaths were the work of a jilted lover hell-bent on getting revenge on an ex-girlfriend and her new paramour. However, authorities are still looking for the man they say pulled the trigger … Taizhi Cui.

Cofer_lg7.jpgKenneth Cofer: The fugitive task force in Oklahoma City hasn’t forgotten about Kenneth Cofer — and neither have we. Despite confusion about numerous look-alikes, Cofer is still a free man.

cerda_Edmundo_For_Web_lg.jpgEdmundo Cerda-Anima: The manhunt for accused killer Edmundo Cerda-Anima has led agents south of the border. Investigators believe the former Hurricane Katrina contractor may be going back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico — and if he’s caught, he’ll have to answer for a lot more than crossing the border.

plemons_wil_lg.jpgWilliam Plemons: Police say William Plemons has a reputation as a real romantic … that is, until you get to know him better. Plemons carried on a series of pen pal relationships from behind bars — but according to authorities, he was more interested in money than love. When one woman threatened to unravel his alleged scheme, police say Plemons turned from Casanova … to killer.

San-Diego_Daniel.lg.jpgDaniel San Diego: We’re looking back at the case of Daniel San Diego, accused of using violence to advance his own radical agenda. Law enforcement sources tell AMW he portrays himself as an animal lover and an activist, but the FBI says San Diego is a cold-blooded domestic terrorist — and they need your help to apprehend him.

giovannilg.jpgGiovanni Gonzalez: Police have discovered incriminating evidence against the father of missing 5-year-old Giovanni Gonzalez. Inside Ernesto Gonzalez’ apartment, Massachusetts State Police say they found what appeared to be blood-stained objects — including a mop that was apparently stained with blood and cleaned with bleach.

I’ve written about little Giovanni over here and I am glad to see that this story is getting a little attention now. It’s not that the story has been buried but in between the search for another child in Florida and the Democratic National Convention he has received very little press.

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  1. It’s frightening how many of them look like the average guy next door. So many people did not learn from Ted Bundy that looks mean nothing when it comes to criminals.

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