Thursday Thong – NSFW

I know it’s late but I certainly wouldn’t want to leave on a dreary note after posting about all of the scumags. This weeks Thursday Thong is pretty nice but like so many of themm probably not safe for work…



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  • Why Obama’s Association with Bill Ayers is Important

    The argument that Barack Obama was only 8 years old when Bill Ayers was plotting against his country rings intellectually hollow–I guess that is why the press is running with it–no thinking involved.
    No one thinks that Barack Obama is a ter…

  • Can the Democrats win without the race card?

    Apparently they do not think so.
    I don’t have to replay all the past drops by the Obama campaign and all the other various uses.  Prime examples are as in the recent events file.
    One was when Palin took the gloves off and attacked Obama over hi…

  • Barack Obama & Raila Odinga

    No biggie, just another crazed commie buddy of Obama…
    Ah the mornings.  A time to brew a pot of coffee, get your thoughts together and clear the Digg shouts from your inbox.  A small detour and BAM!, an 8 minute video that has most likely ruin…

  • i do not think that word means what you think it means

    Initially, I had to think that this article by Steven Mrozik was some obscure form of parody, and that there would be a cute little “gotcha” right at the end. Unfortunately, I was sadly mistaken, and now we can have…

  • LA Times Calls Sarah Palin A Monkey

    While I am still at the LA Times, via the National Review: Lisa Guerrero: Time to end this monkey business?
    On Friday night, the Angels’ Rally Monkey let down the home crowd in Anaheim. Although the team triumphed Sunday night in Boston, you can’t …

  • The SNL Video that was, then wasn’t (See the original here)

    The skit SNL did about the bailout was totally on mark, and skewered the Democrats, Goerge Soros and the people who built the house of sand that became the SubPrime Mortgage Debacle.
    Then the video vanished form SNL, only to reappear edited.  They rem…

  • The 2nd Debate and Ayering Obama’s Laundry

    Podcast Show Notes
    This debate wasn’t a game changer and the next one won’t be either.
    The real cost of the bail out: $1.8 trillion. (Hat Tip: Club for Growth.)
    How to get $700 billion from Congress? Threaten martial law.
    Drop the d: His na…

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