Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Update August 29th 10:50PM – Casey has been rearrested for writing bad checks.
Updated August 29th 5:33PM
Casey Anthony’s bond revoked, to return to jail on Saturday?
Latest updates can be found here.

Let me start this out by putting up my own theory on this before someone cries that I am an asshole for defending Casey Anthony because I’m not (defending Casey, we all know I’m an asshole).
My personal theory is that Caylee Anthony dies from neglect. Either she drowned or maybe she died in the hot car like you hear about when parents go off to work and “forget” about their children while they go to work. It always makes me cringe when I read news stories like that and there is always one or two every year where their brain-dead parents forget about their children while they go to work or maybe they just didn’t want to deal with them in the grocery store. How fucking stupid do you have to be to leave your child in a car, alone, while you do your grocery shopping? How many hours a week do you have to work before you forget to drop them off at daycare and they fry in their car seat trying to claw their way out? I work seventy hours a week plus come home and write and I’ve never forgotten my kids. I have wanted to on occasion but as a parent I know that their welfare comes first before anything else, no matter what.
Anyway, I figure Caylee Anthony is deceased and the mother freaked out and did away with the body, perhaps moving it at least once. It may turn up in a few months, or a year, or twenty years from now when someone is building a new subdivision but otherwise she’s not going to be found and Casey may do some time for neglect and the other charges she is facing but that’s it.
The media and all of us bloggers out here have had our field day and it will continue for a while but eventually die down until the body is eventually found and then it will return to the forefront for a couple of days and be gone again.
So what happens if she is telling the truth? Law Enforcement has already caught her in any lies and it seems as if she’s been lying to her friends and family for a couple of months but what if there’s that grain of truth as Leonard Padilla put it and Caylee Anthony was kidnapped by the faceless babysitter and is still in her or someone else’s company? Let’s even take that a bit further. What happens when/if Leonard Padilla and the folks with him find Caylee and return her to the mother or someone calls in to the tip line and law enforcement return the child.
Are Family and Children services going to return Caylee to her mother? Not fucking likely.
What about the grandparents? Possibly.
Who’s she gonna sue first? If it were me it would be Nancy Grace and all of the folks that inferred she was a lying slut for defamation of character. No matter what happens she is always going to be known as “the lying slut who lost her kid”. I guess that would be better than being known as the “lying slut that killed her kid”.
She is obviously irresponsible and there isn’t a court of law in the land that will say any different but under the law she deserves the same rights as anyone else accused of a crime, which is why she’s out on bail now. That’s the way our system works and anyone in the same type of situation that was unfairly accused would want to make sure the system worked as well. Too bad I don’t think she is innocent and just like Giovanni Gonzalez’ father she has killed her kid whether on purpose or inadvertently and tried to cover it up.

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