500-Pound Adrian Thomas Killed 4-Month-Old

Adrian Thomas has been arrested and will be arraigned today on murder charges after his four-month-old son was taken off of life support and died. Matthew Thomas was one of six children in the Troy apartment ranging in age from 4 months to 9 years old.

Thomas injured his son so severely by throwing him into his crib several times. He hit his head on the side of the crib hard enough at least once to cause severe brain damage. 
All five of the other children have been taken out of the home by Child Protective Services. CPS has apparently been called to the house at least twice before. 
Adrian Thomas gave police a lengthy statement which included the following gem:
When I laid back my head struck [Matthew’s] head…Matthew was still crying and it really got to me. I stood up from the bed and I picked Matthew up from the bed and I threw Matthew on the bed real hard. He started crying even harder…and having difficulty breathing…I never meant to hurt him. I am willing to go to counseling so I don’t hurt anyone else. I never intentionally meant to hurt my kid. I love my kids.
Thursday I was arguing with my wife all day again…I walked into the bedroom and slammed Matthew down onto my bed. I slammed him down pretty hard. If Matthew wasn’t in my arms I probably would have punched a hole in the wall.
A bit late for sorry, don’t you think?
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