Some people just need to get the fuck off the Internet for a while and clean their house. Debra Chappell and James Seevers from Leesburg Florida were arrested after police found a toddler inside what was described as a house of filth after a call from a concerned neighbor.
I’m not the neatest and most super clean person but living in conditions that are unsanitary is just not cool, particularly when you are forcing a child to live in them as well.
When the Leesburg police arrived at the house they discovered a nasty smell about the place and lots of roaches, some of them crawling on the two-year-old girls sleeping in her crib. The kitchen was full of overflowing trash and dirty dishes (good thing they haven’t seen my sink!) and even the refrigerator was full of dead roaches. A snack for later, no doubt.
The parents were arrested and booked on Child Neglect charges.
There’s a fine line here to be drawn between being messy and being nasty and I am one person that hates most government intrusion, including that of the Department of Family Services. When you have stacks of dirty diapers all over the porch and the roaches crawl on you as you sleep, I think that qualifies as having crossed that line.