Don't Let Your Kids Ride The School Bus in the Bronx…

Actually Jaeden Vasquez should never have even been put on the bus in the first place as he lives across the street from his school and stays in the after-school program next door.

Five-year-olds, no matter how smart sometimes do things that we would never dream of and they will also follow the directions of their teachers and other adults even when those directions come from a dumb-ass as they apparently did in Jaeden’s case.
Someone at PS 111 put the boy on a school bus and the driver made him get off at the end of the line even though there wasn’t a parent waiting for him. Just like here, New York City bus drivers require that an adult be waiting for children that young at their bus stop. If their is no parent waiting for them they take the kid back to school, except of course in this case.
According to the Department of Education in New York “The Driver may have done something wrong and we’re investigating, this should not have happened“. May have done something wrong? WTF is up with that? The driver DID something wrong and is negligent. It hopefully will result in the firing of the bus driver. Hell, if I were his mother, Aileen Bonilla, I would sue their fucking asses. Someone at PS 111 needs a thorough ass-beating right about now.
So a good samaritan gives him a ride the two miles back and calls his mother to tell her that she had Jaeden. What if it had been some murdering fucking pedophile? Thanks to the woman who brought Jaeden back in a cab.
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