Fetus Left on Fire Station Steps

Yesterday morning a dead male fetus in a plastic grocery bag was found on the steps of Fire Station #28 on Greenville Ave in Dallas, Texas underneath a sign that says “Safe Place”. The medical examiner ruled that the baby was stillborn and died from intrauterine fetal demise. The comments over at the Dallas Morning News are pretty entertaining. All sorts of stuff from anti-abortion folks and posts about the Ten Commandments among other things. What any of that has to do with a stillborn baby is beyond me. Probably a teen or young mother who delivered a dead baby at home, freaked out and didn’t know what else to do.

According to the Pegasus News a spokesperson for the Dalls Police said that the fetus appeared well-cared for. I’m with them in wondering exactly what that meant. According to MSNBC the baby was clean and cared for. They are also reporting that it was in a CVS pharmacy bag.
The law in Texas lets parents leave babies at designated locations which include fire stations, police stations and hospitals with no penalty but that applies to healthy babies, not stillborn.

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