Giovanni Gonzalez: Five Weeks Missing

I’ve written a few posts about Giovanni Gonzalez and his family. He went missing over a month ago from his father’s apartment and his mother Daisy Colon is heartbroken over the fact that he’s still missing. The father, Ernesto is sitting in jail waiting on his November court date and says nothing to law enforcement or Daisy about Giovanni.

The only new information that I have in this update is the fact that the bloody mop that was found in his apartment did not have Giovanni’s blood on it. Law Enforcement won’t specify whose it is but my guess would be Ernesto’s. When he was arrested he had a cut on his hand. The blood probably came from cleaning it up. 
Police, as well as Daisy, all believe that Giovanni is still alive but every day that she’s apart from her son is a chore just to make it through.
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