Martha Beech Plotted to Kill Her Husband

Martha_Beech-300x225.JPGMartha Beech thought she was going to be able to kill her husband this week when he went into the hospital for surgery. The mother of six bought what she thought was a large quantity of phenylbutazone, a horse painkiller, from a confidential police informant. Ooops. Gotta watch who you buy your horse painkiller from I guess.
She allegedly planned to slip it into his IV in the hospital. Trench says that her husband didn’t believe that she was trying to kill him even after watching the video of the purchase. That’s until she admitted it to him and said she was crazy.
Martha Beech is in the Washington County (Alabama) jail on $30,000 bond.
Here’s a bit of video from WKRG.

In addition to being jailed for planning on having her husband killed her probation has also been revoked. Probation? Oh yeah, she has a history of arrests for writing bad checks.

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