Mike Caldwell Molests Little Boys

This is just fucking nasty.
Mike Caldwell from Pekin, IL allegedly attempted to molest two little boys that his wife babysat and had plans to molest his unborn child. His wife KNEW about his intentions for their child as well according to police records.

Journal Star – A Pekin man who reportedly told police he planned to molest his unborn child and thought about abducting children near the library is in jail for allegedly attempting to molest two young boys.
Mike W. Caldwell, 24, of 316 S. Fourth St., Apt. 1, faces one count of attempted predatory criminal sexual assault in Tazewell County Circuit Court after allegedly trying to have sexual contact with two boys, ages 5 and 6, court records said.
Police were called to Caldwell’s apartment July 24 about the allegations.

Caldwell also told police that he lived near the Pekin library and stated that it would be easy for him to ‘pick up’ a child but that he hasn’t. He is currently in jail on $150,000 bond.
The Pekin Times also has the story:

Caldwell also told the detectives that he used to think about having sex with animals, children, adults or anything with a sex organ, but was placed on medication.

While in a squad car, the detective and Caldwell passed a little girl on a bicycle and Caldwell said that if he had not been on his medication he would have looked at the child’s crotch and buttocks.

Christ on a crutch. The good news is that he was not able to successfully molest the child, at least physically. I’m sure the boy’s mom won’t have the easiest time getting her boys to go to another babysitter any time soon.
Two words for this dude.
Involuntary Castration.
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