Updated 10/14/08 – Casey Anthony has been indicted by a grand jury on seven counts including 1st Degree Murder and is in police custody. More info here.
Updated 8:00 PM (this is older stuff from September)
Apparently what police pulled out of the spare tire space in George Anthony’s car was a gun. That in itself is no big deal but the terms of Casey Anthony’s bail include having no weapons on the property. The judge in the case, Stan Strickland, did not rescind her bond because she most likely knew nothing about the gun.
Today’s search was much more attended that prior days. They have over 800 people come out and join Texas EquuSearch to look for Caylee Anthony near the Orlando International Airport today. TES said that now that the community seems aware that they are working directly with law enforcement more people seem willing to come out and help.

According to the Orlando Sentinel investigators went to the Anthony house last night (Friday/Saturday) and removed evidence from a vehicle owned by George Anthony. Sheriff’s deputies were seen removing the contents of the spare-wheel well and took at least one item with them. No idea what it was right now but I will update this as I have time.
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