Nikita Lee Weis Would Kill For Bigger Titties…


Nikita Weis needed to pay his rent and wanted his 21-year-old girlfriend Sophia Alsept to have a boob job so he had the bright idea to hire two guys to kill his mother. He planned on selling his mom’s car and using money in her bank accounts to take care of it. He hired Juan Antonio Velez Gonzalez and Brandon Michael Soroka to do the deed for him. Fortunately for Hyun Weis, Nikita’s adoptive mother, they failed in the task.

The two men attacked Weis in her house this past Thursday night with a baseball bat but she surprised them by hitting the panic button on her car alarm, made it to a neighbor’s house and called 911.
Law enforcement have arrested Nikita Weis, his girlfriend Sophia Nicole Alsept as well as their co-conspirators Gonzalez and Soroka and charged them with conspiracy to commit murder.
Talk about loving your parents to death…
It’s late and I am tired or I would have scoured the web for pictures of this bunch of losers to post. Perhaps tomorrow. As the only post I had time to write today I think pictures would do it justice, particularly if they all had big “L’s” on their foreheads. If any of you folks come across them send me a link and I’ll put ’em up Monday afternoon.
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